What are the different types of cap construction available at Best Wig Outlet?

We offer different types of cap construction. Here, you can choose from “Traditional,” “Monofilament,” “100% Hand-Tied,” “Lace Front,” and others. That said, we have so many different kinds of wigs here at Best Wig Outlet we very likely have a wig option that’s right for you.

To go into greater detail, the “Traditional Cap” tends to be a machine-made wefted cap that has a flower net top with hair sewn into strips of material. These strips are skillfully put together, giving the illusion of natural hair growing in different directions.

Known for its durability and affordability, the Traditional Cap provides a natural lift and volume at the crown. 

For those seeking a more natural look with versatile parting, Monofilament caps can be an excellent choice. The material creates the appearance of hair growing from the scalp, due to the individual, hand-tied hair. Monofilament wigs, are known for their softness and are ideal for sensitive scalps. 

100% Hand-tied wigs are known for their luxury softness against the skin, lightweight feel, and comfort. No matter where you part your hair with a 100% Hand-Tied wig, you’re going to have the natural appearance of a scalp.

They are an excellent choice for individuals who have experienced complete hair loss and seek a gentle, irritation-free option. As you might imagine with a name like “100% Hand-Tied,” these wigs are more labor-intensive and thus are a bit more expensive. However, they can be a great investment if you’re looking for a long-term wig solution. 

What makes lace front wigs unique is that they make it seem as if hair growth is natural along the hairline. As such, this makes it easier to style away from your face and makes for a more natural, organic appearance. Depending on which lace front wig you purchased, it may come pre-trimmed or you may need to personally customize it.  

The material that many of these lace front wigs are made with is so delicate that it should be handled extremely carefully. Some of these wigs are true examples of craftsmanship, as every single hair is tied individually, by hand, to the sheer lace itself. That level of detail is apparent in so many of these lace front wigs. 

The above constitute the majority of the wig cap construction types that you’ll find here at Best Wig Outlet. That said, we do offer what is called “Traditional & Capless Wigs” as well as “Skin Part” wigs. Those very well might be the right wig cap construction for your needs. If you have any further questions, we invite you to reach out to us.