How to Choose the Right Wig for Your Face Shape?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do faces. There are 7 different face shapes that can help you determine what hair styles and wigs will look the best on you and bring out your features.

If you need help determining your face shape, take a lip liner or makeup pencil, look in the mirror, or even print a photo and trace the lines of your face, then refer to the images below to help you find the lines and shapes that are most similar to yours.

1. Oval

Oval shaped faces are long and narrow and are typically very proportionate. The jayline tends to be smaller than the hairline.

If you have an oval shaped face, you can work with almost any hairstyle, length, or cut. Among our wigs, you'll find an incredible selection that will work for your stunning oval face. The only thing you'll want to be careful of with an oval face is heavy or long blunt bangs, which can make the face look shorter.

2. Round

Round faces are beautiful and full. The length and width of the face tend to be similar with fuller cheeks. One great thing about having a round face is that you tend to look younger and can easily pull off more youthful hairstyles.

Longer pixie cuts, shags, or long layered styles can add length to your facial lines, and height/volume can also elongate and make your cheeks look more narrow. With a round face shape, short styles are easy to pull off, but be careful about going too short.

3. Square

A square face has a striking wide jaw and a wider hairline. These beautiful lines are the envy of many who wish for strong cheekbones and jawlines.

Because of the wider nature of the jaw and cheekbones, adding volume to the sides of the face can make it look wider than it is, however, don't be afraid of a little volume everywhere else.

The key with this face shape is to accentuate what you want to feature the most. Side parts can off-set the squareness of the face while bangs or a short bob can showcase that beautiful jawline. If you want to soften the angles of your face then long layers are the perfect way to do that. Embrace this versatile and stunning face shape with the perfect wig.

4. Diamond

A diamond shaped face is beautifully symmetrical. It is narrow at the crown, wider at the cheekbones, and then narrows again at the chin. If you have a diamond shaped face, your cheekbones are likely the widest part of your face.

With a diamond shaped, you can easily show off, or soften up your angles. If you want your jaw line to appear a bit wider, short bob is a great choice. Medium to long layers, whether straight, wavy or choppy, look great on diamond faces.

5. Pear

The pear shaped face is narrow at the forehead and the jawline is the widest point on the face. The jawline maybe string and square or more round.

The key is not to accentuate the narrowness of the crown, but to add width at the top and flatter the wider jawline. Ideal hairstyles and wigs for pear shaped faces are long side-swept bangs or blunt bangs that appear to widen the crown. Longer layered styles are great as well, and texture is the key. Flat, sleep styles tend to accentuate the jawline too much.

6. Heart

Heart shaped faces are wider at the crown and forehead and have a narrow chin and jawline. The chin is typically pointed.

You'll want to balance out a sharp, pointed chin with more volume at the jawline. Bangs are also a great way to balance out the chin and forehead as well. Longer lobs, or long wavy or textured styles are ideal for this face shape.

Heart shaped faces are stunning, so choosing something versatile like lace front wigs and monofilament wigs that you can pull back or put up, can naturally accentuate the shape of your face.

7. Oblong

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, but are not quite the same as an oval face. Oblong faces are typically longer than oval faces, where the length is quite noticeably more than the width of the face.

Styles that are perfect for oblong faces are ones that tend to widen the face. Curls are perfect for widening a narrow face. A great bob that is full at the cheeks or jawline is great as well. Lastly, a shoulder length style or long hair that has voluminous layers at the jawline can be great styles for this face shape too.

Now that you're equipped to find the right style for your face, we hope you feel confident in your journey to find the perfect new wig. Please contact us if you need additional assistance.