How do I put on a wig?

Step One: Prep That Canvas

Whether you're rocking short locks, flowing tresses, or a minimalist look, preparation is key.

If you have short hair, brush those short strands back, secure them in place with a few trusty pins, and give it a spritz of hairspray. Just be careful not to turn your wig into a hairspray masterpiece!

For those with long hair, pin it up, keep it flat, and consider either pin
curls or French braids. Cross those braids over, clip them down, and
secure them with grips. Essentially, you want to ensure your hair is
away from the front, sides, and nape of your head. A wig cap could be

Steps to follow to put on a wig:

One: Hold your wig at the sides (ear tabs) using both hands. 

Two: Put it on from front to back. Slide it on toward the nape of your neck and shift as needed.

Three: Gently shuffle the wig until it sits just over your natural hairline.

Four: Center the wig using the ear tabs, ensuring not cover those ears!
Should your wig feel too tight or too loose, use the Velcro tabs near
the back of the wig to adjust it comfortably. 

Five: Adjust the wig to your preferred parting style. Some wigs have fixed partings, so play around until you find your groove.

Six: Tuck in any stray hairs, adjust the tightness with those nifty tabs at the back, and voila! You’re good to go.

While the wig-wearing process is similar, lace front wigs have their dance.
These wigs offer a subtle hairline for a natural look. Be extra cautious with uncut lace, trimming it carefully for that flawless finish.

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.