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Looking for that right wig to match the hairstyle of the character you’re dressing up as? Best Wig Outlet offers stylish, quality character costume wigs from Sepia Costume Wigs. These wigs, made from the same women’s wig brand Sepia provide you with an extensive array of character wigs including Afro wigs, clown wigs, celebrity wigs and Jesus and Santa wigs.

Costume Wigs Your Character Needs

Sepia Costume Wigs is your source for character wigs. Whether you’re looking for a Lady Godiva wig, a Rapunzel wig, a monk wig, a Hermione Granger wig, a Santa wig, a Jesus wig or something more generic such as a black afro wig, a blonde wig or a wig adorned with flowers, Sepia Costume Wigs has it. Sepia also has beehive wigs, dreadlock wigs and other fun wigs available to enhance the look of your character. Sepia Costume Wigs offers women’s and men’s costume wigs as well as beards and mustaches that are perfect for all occasions throughout the year besides Halloween.