Hair Color Chart - Envy Wigs


  • Only certain colors are available for each item.
  • You can see the colors available for each item under "Choose a Color".
  • The Colors and Products displayed may appear different from actual products.

  • Black


  • Dark Brown

    Dark Brown
    4/6 Mix - Rich coffee color

  • Medium Brown

    Medium Brown
    10 - Medium brown with natural highlights

  • Light Brown

    Light Brown
    12 - Light Golden brown with highlights

  • Mocha Frost

    Mocha Frost
    Light brown with golden blonde blend

  • Chocolate Caramel

    Chocolate Caramel
    Medium brown with soft red and blonde highlights

  • Amaretto N Cream

    Amaretto N Cream
    Dark brown at roots-overall medium brown highlighted with honey blonde

  • Golden Nutmeg

    Golden Nutmeg
    Medium brown at roots-overall warm cinnamon with golden blonde highlights

  • Sparkling_Champagne

    Medium brown at roots-overall strawberry blonde highlighted with soft golden blonde

  • Toasted Sesame

    Toasted Sesame
    Medium brown at roots-overall light brown highlighted with wheat blonde

  • Dark Red

    Dark Red
    33 with 32 highlights - Auburn with brighter red highlights

  • Lighter Red

    Lighter Red
    Irish red with subtle blonde highlights

  • Cinnamon Raisin

    Cinnamon Raisin
    Medium brown with auburn and cinnamon highlights

  • Chocolate Cherry

    Chocolate Cherry
    Dark brown at roots -overall medium brown with deep red highlights

  • Creamed Coffee

    Creamed Coffee
    Medium brown at roots-overall medium brown w/cinnamon & golden blonde highlights

  • Ginger Cream

    Ginger Cream
    Dark beige blonde underneath highlighted on top with light beige blonde

  • Dark Blonde

    Dark Blonde
    2 Toned blend of soft dark honey blonde with highlights

  • Medium Blonde

    Medium Blonde
    26 & 23 Blend - Soft golden blonde with champagne blonde highlights

  • Light Blonde

    Light Blonde
    2 Toned blend of creamy blonde with champagne highlights

  • Frosted

    24/18T - Light brown & wheat blonde blend at roots tipped with wheat blonde

  • Almond Breeze

    Almond Breeze
    Light brown with ash blonde blend

  • Vanilla Butter

    Vanilla Butter
    Golden blonde with champagne blonde blend

  • Dark Grey

    Dark Grey
    38 - Medium to light brown with 40% gray

  • Medium Grey

    Medium Grey
    56 - Salt & pepper gray 50% medium brown 50% gray

  • Light Grey

    Light Grey
    60 - Pure white gray