What Type of Hair is Used to Make Human Hair Lace Front Wigs?

November 24, 2022

human hair lace front wigs

Human hair lace front wigs are made of human hair. It’s true they are more expensive. However, they are more durable as long as you maintain them properly. They can last for more than a year. In fact, with proper care, they can last for three years. 

What Type of Human Hair is Used in Human Lace Front Wigs

There are four types of human hairs being used to make wigs. These are Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and European. Most of the human hair wigs available on the market are made from Asian hair. If you choose a human hair wig made of Chinese hair, you can expect it to be extremely straight. It is also resistant to curling, thus, it is difficult to style. 

Indonesian hair, on the other hand, is less costly and you can find it in various ethnic styles. If you wan a thinner hair wig that has a bit more texture thinner; then Indian hair is your option. Indian hair has a bit more texture. However, if you want a fine denier that provides the best quality of the bunch, then choose a human hair wig made from European hair. 

Other Factors to Consider 

Although European hair is the most durable among the types of human hair being used to make human hair wigs, the origin of the hair is not the only factor to consider. Keep in mind that the origin is just a piece of the puzzle. Another thing to consider is the processing technique. It affects the strength and quality of the wig. For instance, the chemicals required to strip away the original color can affect the integrity of the wig. If the manufacturer uses a high-quality chemical, then you can expect the wig to last longer. 

human hair lace front wigs

What is Remy Human Hair? 

When you shop at Best Wig Outlet, you will find that some of our human hair wigs are made of Remy human hair. What is it exactly? We’re glad you asked. Remy human hair is a premium option. The hair follicles are kept in the same direction when they are collected and crafted to make a wig. Because of that, tangling is reduced. The wig also feels silkier. Unfortunately, tons of websites are selling low-quality Remy human hair. That’s why we urge you to only buy from a reputable source. If you choose to shop yours at Best Wig Outlet, you are guaranteed you will get high-grade Remy hair. 

The Maintenance of Human Hair Wigs 

Human hair wigs are the superior choice if you want high-quality hair wigs. However, they need proper maintenance. Consider them as your natural hair. That is, they need the effort to maintain them. But they can last longer. You can also style them easily. When you buy human hair wigs, remember that they don’t come out of the box ready to wear. You may have to customize them to obtain the exact look that you want. 

To start shopping for human hair lace front wigs, make sure to visit our online shop here. Or continue browsing to educate yourself about the things you didn’t know about wigs.

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