What is Human Hair Blend Wigs

March 01, 2021

Human Hair Blend Wigs

A human hair blend wig contains Human Hair and Synthetic fiber. Most of these styles are manufactured with a percentage of 70% synthetic and 30% Human hair (Heat friendly). Keeping in mind that the percentage varies depending on the brands.

The advantages of Human Hair wigs are their natural movement and many other great qualities. With a blend of fiber, you can expect the same thing since they are treated the same way as your own natural hair. Being part of the “wig’s world” means there is a division of two groups; team Synthetic Hair or team Human Hair, no team is incorrect it is more of one preference. Typically the styles that are human hair blends are heavier than a full synthetic but lighter than a full human hair wig!

So now here is the one-million question; we ask ourselves all the time “Are Human Hair and Synthetic wig blend right for me? Do you prefer human or synthetic? Well, whatever your choice is you know that each type comes with a set of pros and cons.


  1. Human Hair blend wigs hold the style longer
  2. They are lightweight and they are comfortable
  3. The price is right


  1. Synthetic and Human have different lifespans
  2. Human Hair reacts to weather changes
  3. More difficult maintenance.
Fiona Lace Front & Monofilament Crown Human Hair Blend Wig by Envy
Fiona by Envy

This perky pixie hairstyle works on oval, heart-shaped, and round faces. On top of being totally chic, pixie cuts tend to be no-muss, no-fuss, meaning they can save you tons of time in the morning!

HBL Selena Lace Front Human Hair Blend Wig by Sepia
HBL Selena by Sepia

Sleek roots and cascading curls formed with an easygoing texture. This look can be achieved with or without heat tools. In order to achieve the dimension that you wanted, make it tight and use hairspray to fix them.

Grace Monofilament Human Hair Blend Wig by Envy
Grace by Envy

With bangs flowing across the mainstream of your hair, it acts as a cute accent that gives variation to the haircut. A choppy-shaggy hairstyle like this one creates a natural moment and doesn’t require much maintenance.

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