Tricks for Wearing Wigs in the Summer

May 02, 2018

Tricks for Wearing Wigs in the Summer

Summer for many people is the time to be out and about especially with warmer weathers, it is a very social season. But for men and women who wear wigs and hairpieces, it can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable. If you don’t know how to take the proper precautions you can cause irrevocable damage to your wig or hairpiece. Don’t feel discouraged! It’s very easy. Here are some tips we came up that could help you take better precautions


Most people do not realize that the most common cause of damage is sunlight to both natural hair and wigs. Your hair will fade just as furniture does when it sits outside does. The easiest way to protect your hair would be to cover it with a funky hat! It will keep you cooler as well as protect your skin.

Also, do yourself a favor and wear a breathable liner switch to NO sweat liner for the summer. Consider switching to a capless wig it will feel lighter and cooler and offers more ventilation.

UV protection isn’t just for skin,

Before going out in the heat you make sure to put on some sunscreen, right? Your hair needs the same protection! The UV rays and heat really dry out your hair, so just make sure to use products that are specially formulated for your wigs or you can be doing more harm than good.

Don’t just set it and forget it.

Know how to store your wigs properly it will extend their usage time. This is important year-round but especially in the summer. You must try and keep them in a cool dry location never in direct sunlight. Getting a wig stand or mannequin, would be your best option, just to keep them in shape!

Don’t forget to rub-a-dub-dub

Keeping your wigs nice and clean is especially important in the hot summer months. Wigs tend to attract oils and accumulate dirt and dust, and during the summer you’re probably sweating more than on the cooler months especially if you are active or spend a lot of time outside. A dirty wig can lead to a scalp infection we recommend you clean it after 4-5 weeks. Be sure to use only wig friendly products.

Stay away from chlorine and saltwater.

This is easier said than done! Summer is the time for pool and beach vacations Keep a safe distance from water when wearing your wig try to avoid getting it wet most wigs are not made to be worn while swimming. Chemicals and salt can cause permanent damage to the fibers in your wig. The best option for you would be to wear a water-friendly headscarf and store your wig in a cool dry place.

Lighter is cooler!

Human hair wigs tend to look more natural but are rather heavy. Switching to synthetic hair will help you stay cool this summer they are much lighter easier to style. Summer is a great opportunity to switch up your style and try new wigs, shorter hairstyles, and lighter colors!

We hope you have a fresh, comfortable, and fun summer!

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