Traveler’s Care Kit for travelers on the go to care for Wigs & Hairpieces

June 03, 2019

Traveler’s Care Kit for travelers on the go to care for Wigs & Hairpieces

When you’re new to wigs, learning how to care and pack your wig when traveling can be very tricky. To keep your wig in place and safe when heading off to your next trip you will need Traveler’s Kit for wigs & hairpieces

1. Turn the wig inside out, gently place long locks inside the wig top, and make sure that you put a hairnet around it.

2. Wrap your wig with a silk-scarf, and place it in a zippable bag or in a wig packing back and seal it.

3. Finally, you can put your wig in any area of your suitcase since it is a lightweight item, it’s like adding an extra pair of sock. Since you never know and things can happen, to keep the wig in a safer place you may pack it in your carry-on baggage.

While on your trip, in order to clean and care for the wig to keep it styled and fashionable looking you will need shampoo & conditioner, wig brush/comb, wig stand, and styling products. Traveler’s Kit for wigs & hairpieces are great because they don’t require to much space since they are made in 2-ounce bottles, usable for Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic, Product kits are the solution to your problem when you are out of town!

Essential Care Kit by HairUWear

Essential Care Kit by HairUWear

HairUWear Essential Care Kit is the ideal size for the first time customer or traveler on the go to care for their wearable hair. The kit includes our 3 most popular wet line products in a convenient 3.4 oz. bottles. These care products are specially made for Synthetic & Human Hair.


Fill a basin with enough cold water, just enough to cover the hairpiece. You will add one teaspoon of Cleanse Freshening Wash Shampoo to every 2 quarts of water. Soak piece three to five minutes; rinse thoroughly with cold water. Pat out excess water with a towel. Do not twist or wring. Hang to dry.


Spray Leave-In Conditioner & Heat Styling Protector evenly on damp hairpiece after shampooing. Do not rinse. Hang to dry overnight if possible and style according to care instructions.


Applied by holding the bottle 6” to 8” away from the product. If you are wanting to go for extreme hold, you may use additional spray, it is not to be used where there is fire, flame, or while smoking.

Synthetic Fiber Care System Kit:

You will love this! All you need in one kit. This kit is made for Synthetic Fiber Wigs, It includes 2.5oz Shampoo, 2oz Conditioning Spray, 2oz Flexible Spray Gel, 2oz HD Smooth Detangler, and a Wide Tooth Comb.

Synthetic Fiber Care System Kit

#1 Cleanse

Synthetic Fiber hair also requires special care to look at its best. Washing your wig with Fiber Love Shampoo will restore its body and extends its life.

#2 Conditioning

Leave in conditioner protects the beauty and prolongs the life of the Synthetic fiber wigs, toppers, and extensions. It is exclusively formulated to detangle and restore the shine of Synthetic hair.

#3 Smooth

The Argan Smooth Treatment Mist is an instantly absorbent hair oil treatment, helps strengthen and condition hair while reducing drying time.

#4 style

This flexible spray gel provides a medium style hold and brushes out completely. Good for the use of Human and Synthetic hair.

Wide tooth comb

Specifically designed to detangle and smooth synthetic and heat defiant synthetic fibers, prolong their lives, and hold their styles.

Human Hair Care system Kit:

Human Hair wigs require care products, they are recommended by the experts, in a convenient travel size kit. Care Kit includes: 2.5oz Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo, 2.5oz Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner, 2.5oz Blown Away Blow Dry Balm, 2oz Argan Smooth Treatment Mist, & Wide Tooth Comb.

#1 Cleanse

Human hair wig shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. It is infused with French Argan Oil to add incredible moisture into the hair to eliminate any dry or brittle feeling. Leaves hair feeling soft while keeping the color safe and the hair shiny.

#2 Nourish

This new technology is rich in vitamins and antioxidants helping strengthen dry and brittle hair while calming dry, frizzy ends.

#3 Prime

Shield your human hair wigs’ beautiful color with our UV protecting soothing balm. Blown Away enriches shine and controls fly-aways while protecting your human hair wig or hair piece from the sun.


It produces incredible shine while adding elasticity and suppleness to your wig or hair piece. Argan Smooth Treatment Mist helps strengthen and condition hair while reducing drying time.

Wide tooth comb

Specifically designed to detangle and smooth hair fibers, prolong their lives and hold their styles. This is a must-have for daily care.

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