Tips and Tricks on How Wigs for Men Stay On

August 24, 2023

Tips and Tricks on How Wigs for Men Stay On

Wigs for men are mostly short. Thus, it is more difficult to secure it on your head correctly. This is one reason many men prefer not to hide their baldness than to use wigs that are noticeable. Thankfully, there are tips you can follow so that the wig will stay on. 

How to Wear Wigs for Men Confidently? 

Choose the Right Wig Cap 

The foundation of a secure wig is a properly fitted wig cap. Thus, opt for a cap made of breathable and stretchable material, like nylon or spandex, which provides a snug yet comfortable fit. Make sure that the cap covers your entire head, including the hairline. This will create a seamless base for attaching the wig. 

Cleanse and Prepare Your Scalp

Before you even apply the wig, it is vital to cleanse your scalp thoroughly to remove any oils or residues that could hinder adhesion. Use a gentle cleaner. Or opt for a wig-specific cleanser to cleanse your scalp. And make sure that it is completely dry before moving to the next steps. 

Use Wig Adhesive

It is a popular method for securing wigs in place. There are different types of wig adhesive available, like wig glue, tape, and adhesive sprays. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the adhesive. Make sure that you apply it evenly along the hairline or on the scalp. Let the adhesive become tacky before carefully placing the wig on top. 

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Opt for Wig Clips or Combs

Wigs for men come with built-in clips or combs that help secure the wig to your natural hair. These clips or combs can be strategically placed around the perimeter of the wig or on the sides to provide additional support and prevent slippage. Gently slide the combs into your own hair for added stability. 

Adjust the Wig Straps 

Most wigs have adjustable straps at the back that allow you to customize the fit. Use these straps to tighten or loosen the wig as needed to achieve a snug fit. Ensure that the wig is secure but not too tight to avoid discomfort. 

Consider Wig Grip 

Wig grips are specially designed bands or liners that can be worn under the wig to provide extra grip and prevent slippage. These liners are typically made of silicone materials and create a barrier between the wig cap and your scalp, thereby, they can provide a secure fit. 

Style and Blend Your Natural Hair

If you have some natural hair remaining, you can style and blend it with the wig to create a seamless and natural look. Trim and style your natural hair to match the wig’s length and texture. It creates a cohesive appearance and provides additional support. 

Securely in Place

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that the wigs for men stay securely in place. But you still need to choose a well-fitted wig. And opt for wigs made of high-quality materials. To ensure premium quality wigs, please visit our online shop and browse our collection.

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