Three Things to Keep in Mind When Looking For Wigs For Black Women

August 30, 2021

Wigs for Black Women

There are many different kinds of wigs, but you know that you are probably specifically looking for wigs for Black women. Black hair is different, which is why you need wigs that match your own natural style. If you are relatively new to buying wigs for yourself, here are some recommendations on what you should keep in mind when buying Black hair wigs.


We all know that there’s nothing more important to the look of a wig than the texture. After all, the texture is what will set apart a natural-looking wig from one that could’ve been bought at a Halloween store. More often than not, Black women aren’t exactly hiding the fact that they are using wigs, so it’s not even about them looking 100% real. Instead, it’s mostly about having them look good and feel comfortable to you specifically. You will have four broad choices in terms of the texture: smooth straight, curly, wavy, and afro. You more than anyone will know what works best for you and what you will prefer in terms of versatility of styling and the texture you will want to feel on you.


There are countless different options in terms of color when it comes to wigs for Black women. Your specific choice of color or shade will probably depend on what you feel goes well with your own skin tone, as well as a simple matter of taste. When it comes to dark-skinned women, for example, many prefer dark blacks and browns, but also honey blondes and auburn tones. Women with lighter complections can enjoy these tones, but also occasionally try gold and copper tones. In the end, it will all ultimately depend on what you specifically prefer in terms of what looks good on you. Just remember to look into different shades within broad colors to find something that really works for you.

Capsize and Length

The capsize and length of a wig are very important in both terms of looks and your own comfort. The length that works for you is often easy to determine based on what you know about yourself, what you’ve used before, and what you prefer. However, determining the right capsize for you can sometimes be tricky. The best way to do so is to use a sewing measuring tape to measure the area around your head along the hairline and determine the circumference. Standard sizes for capsizes often come in ultra petite (19 inches), petite (21 inches), petite/average (21.5 inches), average (22 inches), average large (22.5 inches), and large (23 inches). Finding the right size for your wig will ensure that you’re comfortable while wearing it.

Find Wigs For Black Women

If you’re looking for the right wigs to suit your skin tone, hair texture, and style, you’ll hardly find a better selection than the one we offer here at Best Wig Outlet. If you are specifically looking for Black hair wigs, we will have a variety of different options for you. Go ahead, browse our collections, and find the piece that you’ve been looking for.

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