The Right Wig for Your Face Shape

March 20, 2017

The Right Wig for Your Face Shape

Let’s face it: you can’t change some things about your appearance, but you can change your hair.
There are 7 facial structures, each with distinctive, beautiful features that determine which wig you should (and shouldn’t) choose.

The Oval Face is long, narrow, and proportionate.
Do be bold! This face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture.
Don’t be afraid to try out your many options.

The Round Face is wide and full.
Do choose a geometric or linear style. Add height and length to make the cheeks look narrow.
Don’t choose a style that is too short and draws attention to a short neck.

The Square Face has a wide hairline and jaw.
Do add height with a curly texture to break up the wide, straight lines.
Don’t add volume to the sides of the face.

The Diamond Face is narrow at the crown, widens at the cheekbones, and narrows to a pointed chin.
Do add volume above the cheekbones or close to the chin.
Don’t add width to cheekbones.

The Pear Face has a narrow forehead and a wide jawline.
Do add width from the crown of the head to eye level to balance out the jaw.
Don’t add volume below the jawline, which further widens the face.

The Heart Face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin.
Do keep hair fuller around the jaw to balance out the sharp chin.
Don’t be afraid to try bangs! Hair partially covering the forehead will disguise its width.

The Oblong Face is longer than it is wide.
Do use a fringe, half-bang, or curls to balance out the narrow bone structure.
Don’t choose a sharp, straight style, which will further elongate the face.

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