The BEST Selling Hair Toppers

March 25, 2021

Best Selling Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are becoming more and more popular. Women are suffering more from hair loss and thinning hair, which can be caused by many different factors. Hair toppers are around the world-changing people’s lives and given them back more confidence in their hair. These hair systems are designed to add volume to the top or crown of the head. The best part of owning a hair system is that you are not limited to one-single hair topper they are manufactured with different base sizes and many colors to choose from.

In order to determine what best toppers you will need, you will need to measure your hair loss area first. To keep yourself safe remember to add one inch to each measurement on your head when measuring for your hair loss area. Wigs can also be a good alternative option, but wigs are more preferable options for women who are experiencing total hair loss. But in the end, you will choose whatever you feel most comfortable with!

Top Smart 12” by Jon Renau

Top Smart 12” by Jon Renau

A topper designed for the advanced stage of hair loss. It has six strategically placed clips and a nine-inch base that will cover most of the top area from your head. If you want to go longer in hair lengths it is also available is 18”

Best Toppers! Top Billing by Raquel Welch

Top Billing by Raquel Welch

A heat-friendly fiber wiglet that will give you the best looks in seconds. Manufactured with a sheer indulgence lace front, monofilament top, and four pressure-sensitive clips for a secure fit. This system is the perfect helper toad volume at the top of the head.

Premium 100% Handmade Topper 18” by Belle Tress

Premium 100% Handmade Topper 18” by Belle Tress

Handmade, lightweight, and the most natural feel ever. A generous 6×6’ size base that is perfectly hand-knotted and designed to add fullness and cover the thinning crown especially with new growth between the colors. Make it yours and feel comfortable in it.

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