Should You Avoid High Temperatures With a Wig?

November 20, 2022


Many people avoid wearing wigs during the summer because they become sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are easy ways to wear wigs throughout warmer seasons without sacrificing comfort. Here are our top tips at the Best Wig Outlet.

Try Shorter Styles

Shorter and medium-length styles are ideal for warmer temperatures. Shorter styles are less heavy and keep hair off your neck, meaning you’ll stay cooler for longer. You can select from countless options, like pixie cuts, bobs, and wavy lobs.

Select Lighter Colors

Alongside shorter styles, lighter colors can help you stay cooler in higher climates. Lighter colors like blonde and light brown will absorb less heat. This simple trick can go a long way, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

Choose Synthetic Wigs for Higher Temperatures

Generally speaking, synthetic styles are better suited for hotter climates in the summer and spring. Synthetic hair pieces are lighter than human hair, meaning you won’t feel as weighed down. 

Human hair wigs also react to hot weather like traditional hair. They can lose their shape or become frizzy. Synthetic wigs will hold their shape and style, even during the hotter summer and spring months.

Look for Hand-Tied Wigs

Selecting Hand Tied wigs is another solution for hotter temperatures. Hand Tied hair pieces are lighter and have a looser weft. This construction method provides breathability and allows you to wear them less tightly. You can find a wide variety of Hand Tied wigs in nearly any style, length, and color at the Best Wig Outlet!

Use a Wig Cap

Another way to stay cool in high heat is to place a moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and hairpiece. There are countless options, like wig caps and headscarves. These accessories will give your scalp a break and keep you comfortable for longer.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Wig!

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid washing your hairpiece daily, as it can cause damage or excessive wear. That being said, you should increase your washing frequency during warmer months. Washing more often will remove any excess oil or sweat your accessory absorbs. 

Removing excess oil and sweat will reduce scalp irritation and discomfort. You may want to wash your hair accessory once a week during the summer months if you wear them daily. However, the exact washing frequency will depend on your hair piece and circumstance. 


Don’t Be Afraid of Direct Sunlight

It’s perfectly okay to wear your hair accessory in direct sunlight. However, you should still consider how much sun your wig is soaking up. Excessive sunlight can negatively impact the fibers and cause discoloration. You may also want to consider a hat or headscarf when you’re in the sun for long periods. 

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