January 24, 2017


Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity or even seen someone on the street with the most beautiful hair and wonder how they did it? Or do you ever think, how could they get their hair to do that and stay so perfectly like that?

Well, I have the answer for you! You may not know just how simple and easy it is to get that “picture perfect” hair going. Recently, hair extensions have become the new look for ladies around the globe.

When it comes to extensions, you should know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase. However, the majority of people don’t realize that there’s a lot more to having extensions rather than just how good they make you feel or look.

There’s a process to things like this, especially when you’ll be wearing them out and about for the majority of the day. What most people don’t know is the difference in the hair with extensions, such as Remy hair.

In short, what Remy hair consists of is all human hair that has been pieced together from hair donors all across the world (mainly India, Asia, and some parts of Europe) that have not had any type of hair treatment/damage done to it.

Unlike other industries that don’t state that they use harsh chemicals to strip the cuticles that lie in the hair strands. Yet, just like the difference in hair, there is also going to be a different price range when it comes to quality.

Depending on where you buy, as well as the brand, the price will vary in multiple ways. Typically, when the quality of the hair is too high standards than of course the price will be more on the expensive side. As a customer, you always want to do some research before you go through with purchasing especially when you’re fairly new to the hair world.

The hair itself isn’t like the hair on your scalp, always take extra care since the natural oils in the extensions aren’t as healthy as your actual hair. Buying natural hair extensions also expands your styling options!

There are so many ways you can style your hair and do more than you could before you bought them. So, before you make this hair changing purchase make sure to have all of your facts in order.

1. 5 Layers 18 inch Clip-in Human Hair Extension by Wig Pro
2. 18 inch Remy Human Hair Clip-in Extension 10pc Kit by Hair Do
3. 18 inch Human Hair Clip-in Extension (8pc) by Raquel Welch

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