Love the Wig You’re In

June 11, 2020

Love the Wig You're In

Wigs, like people, come in all shades and styles. At Best Wig Outlet we love and support people of all colors and shades, shapes, and sizes. We deeply appreciate each and every one of our staff and customers. We stand alongside our Black brothers and sisters for justice and equality.

We hope you join with us in supporting diversity in beauty, and that you truly love the wig you’re in. Every shade, color, texture, and style are beautiful. Without diversity, our world would not be the beautiful place it is.

Equality in the Beauty Industry

We know that in the beauty industry representation of Black men and women is not enough and that means hair too. In fact, in 2019 Insider shared an article about how common it is to have stylists that do not know how to work with the natural hair of Black women in the beauty and modeling industries. We hope that with movements for equality, come understanding and training for many professionals. For Example, hair professionals who have limited their profiles to European hair.

At Best Wig Outlet, we may not style hair in-house, but we know hairstyles and have always strived to highlight all beautiful shades of skin and hair on our website and in our social media feeds because of great hair and great wigs are for everyone.

Reads We Recommend

If you’re educating yourself on Black hair and the history of Black hair in media and fashion, we recommend these articles:

This is just the beginning of the information that is out there. And we encourage you to dig deeper into resources and opportunities when it comes to diversity and equality in fashion, hair, and culture. As you learn, we’re learning too. We hope that like us, this inspires all people for their unique beauty.

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