Can You Use Hair Color on Human Hair Wigs? 

February 09, 2023

human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic ones. Thus, many wig beginners want to ensure that they won’t lose their investment just by applying hair color to their expensive wigs. Fortunately, it is generally safe to use hair color on human hair wigs. However, it is important to use caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, as using hair color on a wig can be a bit more delicate than coloring your own hair.

Things to Remember When Using Hair Color on Human Hair Wigs:

Choose the Right Hair Color

Don’t just use any hair color. Look for hair color products that are specifically formulated for use on wigs. These products are usually more gentle and less damaging to the hair. 

Opt for Ideal Hair Color 

Once you have chosen the hair color product, make sure to choose the right color. The ideal hair color for a human hair wig will depend on your personal preferences and the look you are trying to achieve. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a hair color for a human hair wig:

  • Skin tone: Different hair colors can look more or less flattering on different skin tones. In general, cool-toned hair colors (such as ash blonde or silver) tend to look best on people with cool-toned skin, while warm-toned hair colors (such as golden blonde or red) tend to look best on people with warm-toned skin.
  • Natural hair color: If you are using the wig to cover your own hair, you may want to choose a hair color that is similar to your natural hair color. This can help the wig look more natural and seamless.
  • Desired look: Consider the overall look you are trying to achieve with the wig. For example, if you want a bold, dramatic look, you may want to choose a brighter or more vibrant hair color. If you prefer a more subtle, natural look, a softer, more muted hair color may be a better choice.
  • Before you even attempt to color the entire wig, you must test it first on a small section. This will ensure that you will be happy with the result. 
  • Follow the Instructions 
  • Every hair color product has specific instructions on how to use it. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, including any precautions or warnings.
  • Use a Wig Stand, if you don’t have one, make sure to invest in one before you even start coloring your hair. This stand will make it easier to apply the color evenly. It also avoids any drips or spills. Plus, it will hold the wig in place while you color it. You’ll also need it when you wash your wig. 

Rinse It Thoroughly

This is vital to ensure that excess color is washed off. Otherwise, the excess color will get to your face or natural hair. 

With proper care and attention, it is possible and safe to use hair color on your human hair wigs without causing any damage. But you don’t need hair color if you purchase different wigs from Best Wig Outlet. Browse here to get to know our selection. 

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