Human Hair Lace Front Wig: How to Wash and Dry It?

January 03, 2023

human hair lace front wig

The best thing about a human hair lace front wig is that it won’t look like you’re wearing a wig. However, if you don’t take care of it, the materials used in making the wig will soon degrade. That’s why it’s vital that you understand the proper way to take care of your wig. 

How to Wash a Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Before teaching you the proper way to wash this wig, let’s first define what a lace front wig is. It has a sheer lace base that looks like a natural scalp. It’s attached to the crown. As the term implies, the lace is only sewn into the front of the wig so you get a natural hairline appearance. 

Now, if you just purchased your ready-to-wear wig, you might wonder if you can wear it without washing it first. Some experts recommend washing it first to remove any remaining debris from the manufacturing process. However, it is still a matter of personal choice. Washing your wig can shorten its lifespan. However, if you’re not comfortable wearing an unwashed wig, you can wash it first before wearing it the first time. It’s clearly your choice. 

How Often to Wash the Wig?

Washing it before wearing it the first time is a matter of choice as it may affect its lifespan. That’s why how often you wash the wig must be greatly considered. It still depends on how you use it, though. You may opt to wash it every two weeks. Other women will only wash it if the wig feels sticky or dry. If it starts to lose its volume, it may be an indication it needs washing. Don’t over-wash the wig because it will only shorten its lifespan. 

human hair lace front wig

What is the Best Way to Wash a Human Hair Wig? 

First, gently comb the wig to detangle any knots. Then, wet the wig by placing it under the faucet. You must only use cool water. 

After rinsing it, use your hands to remove the excess water. Now, it’s ready for shampoo. Don’t wring your wig. When it comes to shampoo, you must only use wig shampoo and utilize a small amount. Place the shampoo into your hands and stroke the hair gently from roots to ends. Avoid the shampoo from getting to the scalp. 

You should also apply a conditioner that is wig-approved. Just use a small amount and let it leave for five minutes. Run it with cold water. And make sure to dry the wig before storing it. Don’t use a hair-drying tool. Instead, opt for a clean towel to blot the wig. Then, leave the wig on the stand to air dry it. 

Want More Tips? 

If you want to know more about how to take care of a human hair lace front wig, make sure to read our blog posts. Or if you are ready to buy human hair wigs, head over to our online shop and browse our collection. 

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