How to Take Care of the Best Lace Wigs?

January 26, 2023

best lace wigs

Whether you want to achieve a long look or switch up your hairstyle, the best lace wigs you can find at the Best Wig Outlet can offer you numerous benefits. However, just like anything that you purchase, you need to take care of them to ensure their longevity. Maintaining them ensures that they always look stylish and elegant. 

Keeping the Best Lace Wigs Looking Better

Be Gentle

The lace wigs are made of durable materials. However, they are still prone to damage when you scratch them with your fingers. Vigorous washing can also affect the beauty of these wigs. You should always handle them with care. Remember that every hair is knotted and secured with a strong adhesive. The construction allows the wig to look natural but it also makes it delicate. 

Brush Properly 

When brushing the wigs, you should do it gently to ensure they will last longer. Use a brush designed for wigs. Run it gently through the ends before working your way up. While brushing, hold down the roots. This will avoid excessive tugging. 

Prevent Excessive Heat 

Heat can damage the wig which is why you can shop for styling equipment that doesn’t require heat. Soft rollers without the heat can still offer you the curl you fancy. Use them to look great without burning up the wig.

best lace wigs

Use Only the Right Products 

The products that you use when washing or styling the wigs can play a huge role in their looks and how they’ll last. Don’t use drugstore products. They are convenient, indeed. But they may contain high alcohol content that can lead to tangling and damage. Instead, invest in products designed for wigs, particularly lace wigs. You may ask the stylist you trust for recommendations. 

Moisturize It

Yes, wigs can dry. This is especially true if the lace wigs are made of human hair. Drying out is caused by a lot of factors. Over washing and the use of hot tools are two of the causes. To keep the wigs moisturized, consider using the best hair oil. It creates a seal over the cuticle. You may use coconut oil to strengthen the hair. It also retains the natural protein of human hair. 

Avoid Using Hot Tools 

Wigs that are made of human hair can be permed, dyed, or styled. But hot tools can damage hair. They can also make the wig dry out. No matter how much you use oil to moisturize the wigs, they may become unsalvageable. Thus, reduce the use of hot tools to keep the wig in good condition. 

Use Microfiber Towel 

When drying the wig, don’t use a regular towel. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel to dry it out after washing. This type of towel is better at absorbing moisture without having to rub it against the hair. When drying, wring the wig with your hands. Pat the wig gently until the moisture has been properly absorbed. 

For more tips on how to take care of the best lace wigs, please head over to our blog. Or shop for our wig collection here. 

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