How to get the perfect look with a Lace Front Wig

June 12, 2019

How to get the perfect look with a Lace Front Wig

We all love to look good, don’t we? Around the world, people say that by the way we look tells a lot about who we are and I couldn’t agree more than what has been said.

Lace Front wigs can be classified by their mesh appearance that adds a greater realism to your wig. You can store Lace styles the same from others, that’s what makes them amazing. Lace falls naturally over the top of your forehead, giving the best and natural appearance. Even though there is no simulation of the hairline on the nape, you are still able to wear your lace wig in a half, ponytail, low ponytail, to help you cover the neckline.

Benefits of wearing a Lace Front wig

Lace Front wigs are not harder to be cleaned, Human Hair wigs require more attention and maintenance, especially after cleaning & washing. The benefits that Lace Front gives you, is that they are very popular among clients for many reasons. If the wigs are worn properly it is hard to be noticed. When you brush your hair away from the forehead, regardless of whether or not it has bangs it will still look natural. In addition to this, they are style versatility, you are able to do much more.

Applying the wig can be done in a few steps as follows.


1. Getting yourself ready for the wig will require a skin test to determine if you are allergic to the chemicals or not. First, dab a small amount of liquid adhesive, or double-sided tape on to the back of your hand. Observe the adhesive for at least Twenty-Four Hours.

Step 1 Skin Test

2. Flatten your hair & put a stocking cap. The flatter the hair is against your head, the better the wig will look. Stocking caps or wigs caps are soft caps that help flatten your hair and make it stay in place.

Step 2 Hair Net

3. Prepare your skin. Wash your skin with a cleanser and dry with a towel, next dab some alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe it along the hairline.

Putting on the wig:

Make sure that the wig fits properly, you are able to tight or loosen the straps from the lower back.

Trim the Lace:

Once your wig has been placed, you will need to trim the lace. It is very important to use clips and keep the hair away from your face. Some of the lace front wigs already come with the pre-cut lace, so don’t worry any need to trim it down. After the lace has been trimmed the wig can be removed from your head.

Trim the Lace

If you will be using the adhesive tape you will need to cut 6-10 small pieces. These pieces will line up to your hairline. Press the sticky side against your skin. On the other side, with the adhesive liquid, you will need to apply it making a thin line along your entire hairline using a clean make-up brush. Finally, you will apply the wig carefully so that the hairlines match.

Style your hair:

If your wigs are Human Hair Wigs, you may use any styling tool to achieve the look desired, since for Human Hair you will need to style it, they do require more care. Synthetic fiber wigs 99% of the cases they are ready to be worn, you may not use heat unless it is specified, and a wide-tooth comb is recommended to comb the hair out.

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