How to Choose Hair Wigs for Women That Look Natural the Most?

May 15, 2023

hair wigs for women

Have you lost some or all of your hair? If you have, then don’t feel dismayed. There are hair wigs for women that you can buy to hide your thinning hair or alopecia. Some wigs look like synthetic hair while others can create a natural look. If you want to buy a wig that will surely look natural, then consider these things. 

Choose Hair Wigs for Women Made of Human Hair 

Wigs are either made of human hair or synthetic fiber. The former can offer the most natural look. It looks real. It also falls and swings the same way your natural hair does. However, there are different types of human hair wigs.

  • European. It’s a little finer but the most expensive. 
  • Indian. It’s softer than European and it has more texture. It’s a little more expensive than European. 
  • Chinese. It’s thin and straight. It’s the most prevalent so it’s the least expensive. 

If you wish to have a high-quality European human hair wig, you should expect to pay around at least $200. But it can go higher. 

Pick the Right Size 

Don’t opt for wigs that are too big because they will not look natural. Big wigs are also likely to slip off because they are loose. To choose the right size, you need to measure your head from the hairline at the forehead. Unfortunately, you can’t easily find a size that matches your head perfectly. If you can’t find your size, please make sure to contact us and we can help you. 

hair wigs for women

Determine the Right Cap Construction 

The cap construction is not relevant when it comes to finding the right wig that looks natural. A poorly constructed wig will wind up looking like a wig. But a good quality wig can look like it's a full head of natural hair. Opt for full lace or lace front. These wigs can offer you a natural appearance. Compared to a full lace wig, a lace front is more affordable. However, it’s less breathable. Furthermore, it’s a bit itchy when it's worn. Thus, your better option is the full lace. You can part it in various ways and wear updos. 

Buy Hand-Tied Monofilament Cap 

The most natural-looking construction is a hand-tied cap. The reason for this is that every strand of hair is individually placed inside the lace cap by hand. With that in mind, you can get a wig that can be parted easily. It also mimics your natural scalp. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Hair Wigs That Look Natural? 

Best Wig Outlet has a wide range of wigs that look natural. It offers an impressive array of colors, cap types, styles, and sizes. Apart from human hair wigs, you can also choose from synthetic wig options. When buying wigs for women at Best Wig Outlet, make sure to pick the right size. Make sure to read our Returns Policy in case the wig isn’t a good fit.

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