How Often Should You Replace Your Human Hair Wig?

August 10, 2023

How Often Should You Replace Your Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wig, sadly, does not last for decades. Hence, the need to replace it. Even if you bought the most expensive piece, it still will not last 10 years or so. However, with proper care, you can expect it to last longer than its average lifespan. 

The Lifespan of Human Hair Wig and When to Replace It

Wigs are hair accessories that require proper care and maintenance to ensure their longevity and continued quality. They are a valuable investment as they provide you with the freedom to change your hairstyle, boost your confidence and express your style. 

What are the Factors Influencing Wig Lifespan? 


The quality of the wig plays a huge role in determining its durability. If you purchased high-quality wigs, made with premium human hair and crafted with attention to detail, then you will not expect to replace them often. The reason for this is that they tend to last longer than lower-quality alternatives. Thus, it is pertinent to invest in a well-made wig that can provide you with a long-lasting and natural-looking hairpiece. 

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Frequency of Use

How often you wear your wig will also impact its lifespan. If you wear it daily or for extended periods, then the wig will undergo more wear and tear compared to occasional use. Consider having multiple wigs in rotation to distribute the wear and extend the lifespan of every wig. 

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are vital for preserving the quality and lifespan of your wig. Regularly washing, conditioning, and styling your wig, in addition to only using appropriate products and techniques will help keep it in optimal condition. Thus, you must always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care instructions.

Exposure to Heat and Chemicals

Excessive exposure to heat-styling tools, like curling irons or straighteners, and harsh chemicals like bleaches or dyes, can damage the hair strands of your wig. Minimize the use of heat styling and avoid exposing your wig to chemicals that could compromise its integrity. 

When to Replace Your Wig? 

Compared to synthetic wigs, wigs made from human hair are more durable. Even so, they still show signs of wear and tear. When it happens, you need to consider replacing it. 

Excessive Hair Loss

Over time, wigs may experience natural shedding, similar to real hair. However, if you notice significant and persistent hair loss that cannot be managed through maintenance, then it may be a sign that the wig is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

Thinning or Matting

With regular use, the hair strands in your wig become thin or matted, resulting in an unnatural or unhealthy appearance. If attempts to restore the wig’s texture and volume are unsuccessful, then it is best to consider a replacement. 

Replacing It is Easy 

Nowadays, with the advent of online wig stores, you no longer have to go to a physical shop just to purchase human wig hair. Simply visit the Best Wig Outlet’s online shop to find the most gorgeous hair piece perfect for your style. 

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