How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

August 02, 2022

human hair wigs

Before you buy human hair wigs, it’s natural to wonder how long they would last. Since wigs are an investment, you would want them to last. In this post, let's talk about the longevity of human hair wigs and find out how you can lengthen their life. 

What is the Lifespan of Human Hair Wigs

There’s no concrete answer to this question because the answer depends on these factors: 

  • Maintenance. Human hair wigs require maintenance. How you treat them will determine how long they are going to last. Neglecting your wig can affect its lifespan. If you properly take care of it, it will guarantee that it will last as long as possible. By maintenance, it means that you need to follow the preventive procedures to avoid the wig from wearing thin. 
  • How often do you wear them? The frequency of use is also an important factor that can determine how long the wigs will last. Wearing a wig every day can make it break out quicker than a wig that is only worn once a week. If you only wear it once a month, the wig can last for at least three years. 

human hair wigs

What are the Ways to Ensure Longevity of Human Hair Wigs? 

Because human hair wigs no longer get oils and vitamins from the scalp, you must ensure you keep them in the best condition possible by following these tricks: 

Wash Carefully 

Human hair wigs are delicate products and they require extra attention. When you buy wigs from Best Wig Outlet, you will get the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them and how to wash them. To prolong the life of your wig, ensure that you give it the extra TLC it deserves. 

Style the Wig When Damp 

Before you style the wig, make sure that it is damp. In that way, the hair won’t be too brittle. It means that if you wish to curl the hair, make sure that the hair is wet before putting the rollers into the hair. 

Use Styling Products at Low Temperature 

If you’re going to use wig styling products, use them at low temperatures at all times. You should also apply a heat protection spray before using these products. It’s also important that these products don’t come near the roots of the human hair wig. Otherwise, it’ll cause the wig to become brittle. 

Avoid Overusing a Hairdryer

The strands are attached to the cap. Overusing a hairdryer can only cause the knots to become loose. As a result, the human hair will start to shed. 

Store the Wig Properly 

Proper storage is pertinent to preserving the wig’s cap construction. Keep the wig in the original packaging or invest in a satin wig bag. You may also buy a wig stand and cover it to keep the wig dust free. 

Buy from a Reputable Seller 

Wigs are not created equal. To ensure that your human hair wigs will last that long, you should shop at a reliable seller, like Best Wig Outlet. Visit our shop here to know our collection. 

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