How Do I Know I’m Wearing My First Wig the Right Way?

May 04, 2022

my first wig

“I’m wearing my first wig. What’s the right way to wear it?” This is a common question among first-time wig owners/wearers. We understand that wearing a wig for the first time is a scary experience. But we hope that this guide will answer your questions. 

My First Wig: What’s the Best Wig for Beginners

You would want a subtle transition from your style and natural color. Hence, it’s ideal to choose a wig that is close to your natural color and cut. It will make you feel more comfortable. Experiment with new and different styles. Ask your stylist to help you cut it into a shape that complements your facial features. 

Wearing Hair Away from Your Face 

If you want to wear it this way, then opting for a lace front wig is a perfect choice. It lets you part your hair that suits you best. If you suffer from complete hair loss, a lace front wig is a great option. 

Wanting to Experiment with Different Styles 

To change up your style, choose to wear hand-tied wigs. Each hair is hand-tied onto a cap to provide a comfortable fit. There are also no wefts to imitate natural hair growth. 

my first wig

Sizing for Beginners 

The average-sized wig is the most popular choice. It has a circumference of 21.25 to 22 inches. Some have adjustable pull straps to tighten them to fit snugly on your scalp. 

Preparing Your Hair

Preparing your hair before putting on your wig is pertinent, especially if you have partial hair loss. It means that you still have natural hair that you wish to cover. If you have short hair, brush it away from your face and pin it in place on the back of your head. Use some hairspray to keep it in place. On the other hand, if you have long hair, you might want to tie it. Then, cross them over. Secure them with clips. 

Using a Wig Cap 

In most cases, you do need to wear a wig cap. Position it on your natural hairline. Tuck away stray hairs into the cap. Use clips to secure them in place. 

Putting the Wig On 

Give your wig up to two good shakes before putting it on. Bend your head first and place your thumbs on the parts of the wig, where the adjustable straps are found. Pull it toward your head. Touch the front of your wig to your eyebrows. The hair that is inside the wig must be placed inside the back of the wig. Use your fingers to pull the wig back. Doing so will make sure that the wig sits on your hairline. 

Need more tips? If you still have questions about “my first wig,” please head over to our blog tips. Or shop for the right wigs for women here. 

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