Hairstyles from the 90s Through Wigs for Women

December 13, 2022

wigs for women

The 90s hairstyles are making a comeback. It’s not surprising considering that they represent all things fun. The Hollywood celebrities of this era knew how to be chic and interesting. They mix up different styles and accessories. If you wish to have a 90s hairstyle but your natural hair won’t cut it, then wigs for women are your best option. 

Wigs for Women to Get Pixie Haircuts

Pixie was a popular hairstyle in the 90s. And we’re seeing it coming back. Sporting this haircut screams sleek and sexy. Winona Ryder was one of the Hollywood celebs to popularize this hair. And of course, Demi Moore had a sizzling hot, sexy pixie in the award-winning Ghost. If you want to copy it, then make sure to find Pixie wigs for women at Best Wig Outlet. 

Rachel Green Hairstyle 

If you’re a fan of Friends, then you know what we mean. Rachel Green’s hairstyle debuted in 1995 when the popular TV show was first aired. Her hairstyle was phenomenal and it is trending again these days. Its popularity jumped after the Friends reunion aired. In the 90s, many women flew to LA just to get the Rachel hairdo from the stylist Chris McMillan. But you don’t have to go to his salon to have the same haircut. Simply browse our shop and find a Rachel Green wig with voluminous layers. 

The Bob 

Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz were known to have iconic bobs in the 90s. Now, this hairstyle is back with new variations. You can opt for a relaxed bob to keep your look more manageable. Bobs are not just for straight hair. If you have curly hair, you don’t have to freak out. Bob wigs are available anywhere in our shop. Just use our search option and type in bob wigs or something similar. 

wigs for women


They were a huge deal in the 90s. Even Britney Spears once had a pigtail hairstyle in her Hit Me Baby One More Time music video. Before you go to a salon and ask for an expensive pigtail hairstyle, just opt for a wig with this type of style. Pigtails are growing in popularity because they can transform the wearer into a sophisticated look. And if you have a bad hair day, this can be a lifesaver. You can also accessorize and change the parting to ensure you are getting the look that you love. 


Elevated fringes are not that popular now. But a range of bang styles is trending these days. You can have wigs with curtain bangs or blunt block fringes. If you want to look like Priyanka Chopra with French girl fringe, you can. The key here is to find a bang style that fits your face. We offer a variety of wigs that will make you look like you are not trying too hard. 

Want to Change Your Hairstyle?

Simply go to our online shop and browse our wigs for women to find the kind of wig that truly fits your personality.

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