From Short to Long: The Top Hair Wig Trends for Every Length

March 09, 2023

human hair lace front wig

Changing your hairstyle is easy. Just go to a hair salon and let the hair stylist cut your hair. However, going to a salon can be expensive if you do it every day. If you want to change your hairstyle regularly without spending a lot of money in a salon, then investing in a high quality human hair lace front wig can be a great option. 

Changing Hairstyle with Human Hair Lace Front Wig 

Wigs let you change your hairstyle without damaging your natural hair. You can try a new look without trimming your hair or using a heat styling tool. The best thing about wigs is that there’s an option for everyone. There are several styles and lengths to choose from. But what are the trends for every length you can try?

Short Wigs

Pixie cuts and blunt bobs are the most popular choice for a shorter hairstyle. They offer a chic yet modern look. Depending on the material of the wig, short wigs can be low maintenance. It’s also easy to wear. A Pixie cut is ideal if you have a round or square face. It elongates your face. And if you wish to appear slimmer, then this short-hair wig is a perfect option. This is also great if you have an active lifestyle as it won't get in the way when you exercise or perform activities. 

Mid-Length Wigs 

They are also known as shoulder-length wigs. You can see them often as many celebrities wear them. One reason they are popular is their versatility. Plus, they are low-maintenance. You can wear them straight, wavy, or curly. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors. Thus, you can pick which wig color can go with your style. This kind of wig is perfect if you have an oval face as it balances out your face while bringing attention to your cheekbones. 

human hair lace front wig

Long Wigs

Are you aiming for a dramatic and luxurious look? Then, long wigs are just perfect for this situation. You can go for sleek and straight or loose waves. Long wigs have every style you want. They are perfect if you have a long face as they balance out your face and bring attention to your eyes. Because you can style them in various ways, you can use them on any special event. Just make sure you have more than one option so you can pick which long wig matches the occasion you are attending to. 

Face Shape 

When finding the length of the wig, it’s not just about how curvy or straight you want it to be. Rather, you need to ensure that the wig matches your face shape. As mentioned, long wigs can suit you if you have a long face. A short wig or pixie cut is great if you have a round face. Mid-length wigs are perfect for an oval face. But you should also consider how you wish the wig will look when you wear it. Do you want a more natural look or do you prefer people to notice you are wearing a fantastic wig? 

Options for Every Occasion 

Whether you are looking for a human hair lace front wig or synthetic human hair, the Best Wig Outlet got you covered. Browse our collection here so you can find the wig that’s ideal for your style. 

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