April 13, 2020

Dry Shampoo for Wigs

“PICK ME UP” dry shampoo for wigs is now available! Pick Me Up absorbs oils and adds volume to second-day hair, allowing the user to go longer in between washes. The formula differs from other dry shampoos because it is incredibly lightweight and buildable. “Pick Me Up” dry shampoo for wigs is able to create volume without weighing the hair down or giving it that undesired gritty texture that other dry shampoos can often cause.

Pick Me Up was created due to popular demand. Over the years, many of our customers have requested a product that would help reduce shine in wigs and toppers but would still give volume and body to the hair.

One thing you have to keep in mind, putting Pick Me Up on your wigs or hair toppers, does not provide an alternative to washing the hair-pieces! The product coats the fiber with each use, so you still need to wash every 6 to 8 uses to avoid buildup.

Here are three ways of using this dry shampoo for wigs.

  1. It Volumizes: Simply spray and evenly distribute all over for a voluminous boost!
Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo for wigs Volumizes

2. It Adds Security Plus Grip: Spray a bit around the area where you clip in, Your topper to add security

Pick Me Up adds security + Grip

3. It Reduces Shine: Spray evenly throughout the hair to reduce shine in synthetic wigs for men and women and toppers!

Pick Me Up reduces shine

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