Do Hair Wigs Get Damaged?

November 17, 2022

hair wigs for women

No matter how expensive your hair wigs for women are, they are still prone to damage. We all wish that they will last forever. How long do they last? 

How Long Do Hair Wigs for Women Last? 

It depends on the type of wig. Synthetic wigs will last up to 6 months. This timeframe is standard for all synthetic wigs. However, yours may last longer or shorter, depending on how you wear them and the texture of their fibers. If you wear them to bed often, then don’t expect your wigs to last half a year. 

What If You Have Human Hair Wigs? 

Human hair wigs will still get basic wear and tear. However, they last longer than synthetic hair wigs. Depending on the brand, human hair wigs can last more than a year with proper maintenance. 

How to Fix Wigs Damaged from Dryness? 

There are many causes of wig damage and one of them is dryness. It typically occurs after introducing heat tools. As a result, the strands will become dry. This often happens in synthetic wigs. These wigs don’t have the moisture of real human hair. The chemicals in the hair can change resulting in loss of style. 

It is easy to fix, though, when the wig has become dry. You may use a fabric softener. But this is not recommended, even though many wig owners are using it. The best product you can use to alleviate the dryness is the use of a product specially designed for synthetic wigs. 

hair wigs for women

Fixing Dry Ends 

Dry ends can arise if you do not take care of your hair wigs. They are just a sign that they need some TLC. You can repair this issue by trimming or adding moisture. You should only trim the wig’s ends and only do so a few times because, unlike our natural hair, wig hair does not grow back. On the other hand, if you are not confident to do it yourself, you may visit a hairdresser to trim the wigs. 

You should also consider applying an anti-stain spray that works like a protective coat. It seals and separates the dry ends. But that’s not all it can do as it can also add a shine to your wigs. 

Once you have fixed the dry ends, make sure to start taking care of them properly. If you need to apply heat to the wig, make sure that you are using a heat-friendly wig. Otherwise, you are only damaging the wig. 

To prevent damage to your wig, make sure to use only cold water when washing your synthetic wig. Don’t brush or comb it if it is still wet. Avoid using a blow dryer to dry your wig. 

For more information about how to take care of hair wigs for women, make sure to visit our blog. We published various tips to ensure that the hair wigs you bought from us will last for a longer period. And if you’re ready to shop for 100% real human hair wigs, visit here.

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