Do Hair Clip Extensions Look Realistic?

January 24, 2023

hair clip extensions

One of the biggest fears for women, when they think about hair clip extensions, is that they won’t look realistic. Although this is a possibility, extensions can easily blend well with your natural hair. However, you must choose the best quality extensions to avoid them looking unnatural. 

Making Hair Clip Extensions Look Realistic 

As mentioned, the quality of the extensions can play a huge role in how they will appear when you wear them. To ensure that you are getting the highest quality hair extensions, consider where you are buying them from. The Best Wig Outlet gives you confidence that what you’re getting are quality hair clip extensions. You will get authentic products and not replicas because they are shipped from the original manufacturer. The company is a trusted wig company with positive reviews online. Plus, it has fast shipping and easy return policies. 

Quality of The Extensions 

You should also consider the type of extensions you want to invest in. Are you going to purchase synthetic hair or real human hair extensions? The latter will give you a more realistic appearance that’s closer to your natural hair. Although synthetic hair extensions are good, if you wish for the most natural look, human hair is the better option. 

Another reason to choose human hair extensions is that they offer styling benefits. It means that they respond well to heat styling. Furthermore, you have more styling options. However, if you do style these extensions, you should apply a heat protectant to the hair. In that way, the extensions won’t burn up and dry out. 

hair clip extensions

Match the Color of Your Natural Hair 

If your natural hair is auburn and you choose blond hair extensions, then they will definitely stand out. People will notice you’re wearing hairpieces. That’s why if you want to achieve the most natural look, opt for extensions with colors that are closest to your natural hair color. In that way, blending them will be a lot easier. 

The best way to know the color that matches them is to identify the color of the ends of your hair. Don’t go two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair or they will be noticeable. You may talk to our specialists at the Best Wig Outlet if you need further help.

Apply Enough Extensions 

Another way to make sure that you get the most realistic look is to use enough hair extensions. It means that they must match the density of your natural hair. For instance, if you have thicker hair, you’ll need to use more extensions to match it. If your hair is shorter, you may need a great number of extensions for layering and covering up. Not having sufficient pieces clipped into your natural hair will make it look patchy, uneven, and unnatural. 

Get the Hair Extensions 

Are you now excited to try hair clip extensions? If you are, then make sure to visit our online shop where you can browse our various collections of hair pieces. 

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