Can You Dye the Best Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions?

November 10, 2022

best synthetic clip in hair extensions

The best synthetic clip-in hair extensions are made of durable processed fibers. Unfortunately, you can’t dye them. The reason for this is that these materials lack the natural pigments that natural human hair does. In that case, any regular hair dye will not work on them. 

What to Use to Dye the Best Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions

Although you can’t dye them using regular hair dyes, there are specific fabric dyes that you can use. These are made for polyester and synthetic materials. However, you can’t just dye any clip-in hair extensions. Make sure that they are made of heat-resistant materials. If yours is heat-resistant, you can safely use a fabric dye. 

How to Use Fabric Dye? 

A fabric dye is a great way to ensure that your synthetic hair extensions will get a vibrant color. When dyeing your hair extensions, here are the steps: 

  • Boil water in a large pot. There must be enough water to cover the hair extensions. 
  • Use the right amount of dye. It requires three teaspoons of fabric dye for each cup of water. 
  • Start adding the fabric dye to the boiling water. 
  • Mix thoroughly. 
  • Place the hair extensions into the mixture. 
  • Leave them in the mixture for 30 minutes. The longer you leave them in the mixture, the more vibrant the color result will be. 
  • Remove the hair extensions after the time is up. 
  • Rinse them thoroughly but use cold water to minimize color fade. 
  • Let them dry. Use a wig stand to dry them. 

You may also use food coloring to dye your synthetic hair extensions. Use the steps mentioned above to dye your hair extensions with food coloring. 

best synthetic clip in hair extensions

Other Ways to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions

Besides fabric dye and food coloring, you may also use acrylic paint. One of the benefits of using this paint is that there are unlimited color options available. Unfortunately, the results are just temporary. When you wash them, the color will also be gone. 

When you dye your systemic hair extensions, you should detangle them first using a shower brush. This will minimize breakage and snags. You should also cover every strand. If you don’t, then the extensions won’t absorb the color efficiently. 

What are the Don’ts of Dyeing Synthetic Hair Extensions? 

Don’t attempt to dye extremely dark synthetic hair extensions because it is just impossible to lighten them. You should also avoid washing them after dyeing. Instead, limit your washing to one to two times a week. In that way, the color will not fade out quickly. After dyeing, you must not wash the extensions with hot water. And avoid leaving your hair extensions unattended while you are styling and dyeing them. If you do, you will just end up having a hair color result that’s not to your liking. 

If you want more tips to boost the appearance of the best synthetic clip-in hair extensions, please read our other blog posts here. And if you’re ready to buy your first clip-in hair extensions, please go to our online shop.

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