Beginner Tips for Buying and Wearing Your First Wig

May 02, 2019

First Wig

Wigs are becoming a style staple for women all over the country. They come in full wigs and hair pieces, like extensions. Wearing a wig or hairpiece has become so popular with the general population because they can give you a fuller look for taking photographs, going out at night, or performances. They are excellent for covering up hair loss or trying a new look. If you need beginner tips for buying and wearing a wig, here are some of the basics you should know.

Wig Material Options

First, the best wigs are made from human hair or synthetic fibers. Both options feel natural and look beautiful. While you might start out wanting a wig of human hair, the less expensive price tag on the synthetic wigs could win you over. There are two important questions to ask before deciding which material is better for your needs. The first question is how often are you planning to wear your wig? The second question is if you are willing to invest your time and effort into proper care.

How to Care For Synthetic Hair Wigs

Within the synthetic hair category, there are two types of wigs- those that cannot have heat applied and those that can. Caring for a synthetic wig starts from this foundation. If you buy a wig that is not heat-friendly, it is vital that you do not use any heat styling tools on the fibers. The heat will alter the curl pattern and is nearly impossible to fix. Instead, you will clean it following the care instructions included by brushing out tangles, washing the hair with cool water, and using conditioning spray.

If the wig is heat-friendly you can style it, but it requires more care. Following almost the same instructions for care as the non-heat synthetic pieces, you will still wash and apply a conditioning spray. After it is dried slightly, a special detangling product is applied and combed again. Using professional-grade products and tools on synthetic wig fibers is very important to prevent damage.

How to Care for Human Hair Wigs

The higher cost of a human hair wig is worth it for many customers because of the versatility of the piece. In other words, Hair is easily styled and colored to fit with trends, which synthetic fibers cannot do. To care for the wig, you use a comb to take out tangles before washing it with shampoo under cold water. Conditioner is applied to the ends of the hair only, which prevents damage to the cap or roots of the wig.

All wigs should be stored on a wig stand or mannequin head. This helps prevent tangles while maintaining the shape of the wig. It should be kept away from heat, dust, and humidity. Following these care instructions can keep your wig looking better, longer.

How to Pick the Right Color Wig

Don’t buy into the belief that there is one “right” color for each person. Have fun with your wigs. If you are looking for something to blend into your real hair, choose a color that is close to your natural color or go slightly lighter in shade. This will provide the most natural look. If you want a dramatic change, don’t worry about trying to match the shade.

How to Put on a Wig or Hair Piece

Hair pieces and wigs are available in different forms for different ways of attachment. There are clip-on pieces, clip-in extensions, drawstring, and wigs.

  • Clip-on pieces: Clips are used to fasten the piece to your current hair after it is twisted into place.
  • Drawstring pieces: Feature a combed top that secures into hair formed into a bun, then secured with elastic strings tightened and fastened.
  • Wigs: Secured with a hair net and wig cap. They are tightened with Velcro tabs at the back of the wig.

Recommended Activities for Wig-Wearers

Wigs are designed to stay in place while doing everyday activities like walking, jogging, or shaking your head. Some types of wigs and hair pieces can be worn in the water, though it is not recommended for all types. When swimming, there are extra steps for after-care, but again, check the specific wig you purchase for directions.

If you any questions on activities, ask the manufacturer before doing something that may damage your hair piece. For those who are debating buying a wig or hair piece for the first time, try consulting our buyers handbook for any questions. For questions not answered there, reach out to one of our representatives. We can help you find the right product for your needs.

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