Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Raquel Welch (Or Any) Wigs Online

December 22, 2022

Raquel Welch wigs

Raquel Welch's wigs are premium wigs. Thus, the price tag is on the higher end. But you can find some tricks online that let you save money. Unfortunately, most of those hacks could end up costing you thousands of dollars. 

What are Raquel Welch Wigs

Most of the wigs are of good quality. They are also long-lasting so you can keep them for many years to come, with proper upkeep. The wigs come in different styles and lengths. But you must be careful when purchasing one because buying the wrong product will cost you.

Remy vs Non-Remy Wig 

Wigs are available in different types. Non-Remy hair is cheaper than a Remy hair wig. It’s one reason a lot of people opt for it, especially if they are on a budget. But a non-Remy hair wig could cost you more with every wash. As the hair will start to fall off making it thinner. In other words, the wig will suffer from hair loss after every wash because when you comb the hair, it will start to get loose on the weft. That’s why its shelf life is shorter. Thus, if you wish to make your hair wig last longer, opt for Remy hair. 

Virgin vs Non-Virgin Wig 

Buying a wig allows you to experiment with new looks. Hence, you must buy a wig that allows the change you want; a virgin hair wig will let you do it. Unfortunately, some wigs are non-virgin. But these wigs are vulnerable to breakage if you experiment with colors or styling. Their quality will lessen. You’ll start to see the hair being rough and frizzy. If the wig won’t let you try different looks, your option is to buy multiple wigs, which can be costly.

Raquel Welch wigs

Synthetic vs Human Hair 

Synthetic wigs are cheaper. They have their own pros and cons. You can read about them in our Best Wig Outlet blog. One of the cons of using a synthetic wig is that it has an artificial look. Washing this type of wig will also make it stale and frizzy in the long run. Thus, it limits your total wearing time. You also can’t style it using heat-styling equipment. However, some synthetic hair wigs are still made of high-quality materials. Raquel Welch offers premium synthetic wigs that can last longer. But you also have to remember that there are online sellers that offer cheap, knockoffs. So be aware. 

One Size Wig 

When it comes to wigs, one size doesn’t fit all. It will start to get loose sooner or later. Thus, you should avoid buying standard factory-size wigs. Consider wigs that come in various sizes. In that way, you can find the one that indeed matches your head and the style you want. 

Wigs are an Investment 

Regardless of your reason for buying Raquel Welch wigs, you should consider them as an investment. Hence, you must make every dollar count. Choose the right wig that will help you achieve the look that you want. Start shopping for premium quality wigs today at Best Wig Outlet.

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