Are Clip-on Hair Extensions Damaging to Your Natural Hair?

November 12, 2023

clip-on hair extensions

Perhaps, you have found some horrifying photos of people who describe how clip-on hair extensions damaged their natural hair. However, not all people who regularly wear them have terrifying experiences. Most of the time, these disasters happen because of how reckless the wearers are when it comes to using them. Keep in mind that they are the least damaging compared to other hair pieces. 

Temporary Clip-on Hair Extensions 

Clip-in extensions are temporary hairpieces made from real human hair or synthetic fibers. They come with clips attached to wefts of hair and can be easily secured to your natural hair. Thus, they allow you to instantly add length, and volume, or even change your hair color. 

Can They Cause Damage? 

One of the primary concerns associated with them is the potential for traction alopecia. It occurs when there is constant tension or pulling on the hair follicles. The clips used to secure the extensions can exert pressure on your natural hair. In that case, they can lead to hair loss or breakage if not applied or removed correctly. Thus, the extensions, per se, do not cause alopecia. Rather, it is how you use them that can dictate the outcome. 


Repeated use of these extensions, especially if they are too heavy or not properly maintained, can cause your natural hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. This is especially true if your hair is fine or already damaged. But you can avoid it from happening. Keep reading to know more. 


Over time, constant use of these hair pieces can lead to hair thinning, particularly in areas where they are frequently applied. This can make your natural hair appear sparse and lackluster. What can you do to avoid it? Make sure to read our tips below. 

Scalp Irritation 

You may experience scalp irritation or discomfort from the clips or the extension material. This can range from itching to more severe allergic reactions. But there are ways to prevent them. 

Preventing Damage 

To enjoy the benefits of these hair pieces without damaging your natural hair, consider these precautions. 

Proper Application 

Ensure that you attach them securely without pulling on your natural hair too tightly. Be gentle during both the application and removal processes. 

 clip-on hair extensions

Weight Considerations

Choose extensions that are appropriate for your hair type and length. Heavy extensions can exert more tension on your natural hair, increasing the risk of damage. 

Regular Maintenance

Clean, detangle, and store them properly. Regularly check for damage or wear and replace them when needed. 

Give Your Hair a Break 

Make sure to give your hair a break for a few hours. If you are not going out or you are planning to just stay at home, then make sure not to wear them. This will give your natural hair time to recover and breathe between extensions. 

Enhancing Your Hair’s Length and Volume 

These extensions can be a fun and effective way to enhance your hair’s length and volume. But, just like many beauty treatments, they can come with potential risks to your natural hair. However, the risks can be easily reduced if you just follow the precautions listed above. As long as you follow proper application and maintenance techniques and give your natural hair the care it deserves, you can minimize the chances of damage and enjoy the versatility that these extensions offer. 

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