Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions Disaster (And How Can You Avoid It)

November 19, 2021

Hair Extensions

Everyone was talking about Angeline Jolie’s red carpet appearance at the Rome Film Festival. Unfortunately, most of the talks weren’t about her gorgeous, platinum-silver Versace gown or her role in the Eternals. Rather, many were talking about her uneven hair extensions. Yes, even an A-list celebrity has bad hair days. 

Her fans on social media were shocked by what they saw. One person tweeted that the star’s hairdresser did it all wrong and must be drunk. Perhaps, you’re wondering, too, as to how it happened to one of the world’s most celebrated women. But why did it happen? 

Reasons for Angeline Jolie’s Hair Extensions Gone Wrong 

A celebrity extension expert said that the A-list star’s beauty blunder is the result of the following: 

  • Insufficient hair extensions. There must be enough extensions to prevent a noticeable demarcation line. 
  • Improper installation. The proper way to install them is to put extensions on top and build them up.
  • Bad shade match. Choosing the wrong color did ruin the star’s entire look. It should be that the ends must be half a shade lighter, just like how natural hair looks from root to end. 
  • Low-quality extensions. Whether you have enough hair extensions, installed them correctly, and chose the right shade match, you’d still experience a mishap if your hair extensions are of low quality. 

In that case, choosing high-quality hair extensions should be your top priority to avoid the same mishap that happened to the Eternal star. Listed below are some of the high-quality extensions that you can try and guarantee that won’t betray your trust. 

Undetectable Hair Extensions 

EasiPieces Remy Human Hair Piece by Jon Renau is designed to be undetectable. It balances volume to complement a lightweight topper to give you a full, natural look. These extensions are made with the highest quality human hair and are easy to install. 

Clip-in Extensions for a Fuller Hair

These 12-inch hair extensions by Hairdo are made of heat-resistant synthetic hair to give you fuller, more beautiful hair. They are also easy to attach and blend naturally with your own hair. The loose wave texture can give maximum volume to your natural hair. 

Make Your Face Softer and Edgier 

You can achieve that look with this clip in bang hair piece by Hairdo. The hairpiece is trimmed to the eyelashes. To give the bangs some major attitude, they are angled down at the temples. Use three pressure-sensitive clips to attach to your own hair. For invisible blending, this hairpiece features a natural part in the crown. 

Hair Extensions

Get the Elegant Length Quickly 

These are clip-in extensions that feature silky waves and tapered ends to take your style to new heights. The snap-in metal clips will ensure this hair price stays onto your head and let you enjoy flawless results from root to tip.

Looking for More Hair Extensions

At Best Wig Outlet, we offer you a great selection of clip-in hair, weave, or fusion hair extensions to help you accomplish the look that you want in an instant. Start browsing.

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