A Great Alternative To A Full Wig, Go For A Wiglet! They Work Just Fine!

March 29, 2018

A Great Alternative To A Full Wig, Go For A Wiglet! They Work Just Fine!

Hair wiglets offer partial coverage, so they are perfect solutions for people with gradual hair loss, thinning hair, or problem spots. They tend to look quite natural, so most of the people will not guess you’re wearing one. They can be worn with natural hair tied in a ponytail. Wiglets are typically lightweight, so to don’t have to worry about your scalp getting too warm.

Of course, wiglets are made with less hair, in most of the cases, they are more economical than full head wigs. Wiglets are not an option for complete hair loss associated with alopecia, chemo, or other medical conditions. For a wiglet to look natural, it needs to exactly match the color and texture of your own hair. When you wear a wiglet you still have to style your own hair, which can take time.

Coverage: Provides coverage and adds volume for thinning spots.

Volume: Adds overall volume to existing hair.

Attachment Method: attaches with clips to existing hair.

Styles: Available in a variety of styles and colors to integrate with your own hair.

Versatility: many types of wigs can be versatile to achieve multiple looks in a single wig.

Hair Type: available in Human hair or Synthetic hair.

Essentially You Monofilament Synthetic Wiglet by EasiHair

This one hair piece wiglet seamlessly clips in and blends with your own hair mid-length hair. The translucent monofilament base allows multidirectional styling. It is recommended to add body and volume 100% hand-tied.

Top Full 12 inch Monofilament Remy Human Hair Wiglet by Jon Renau

This Wiglet is a great option for women who need a little more coverage. It gives truly full, voluminous coverage. Clip it into your hair over the whole crown and get gorgeous, both comfortable and fabulous that it is why it’s called, Top Full.

313F H Add-On Human Hair Wiglet by Wig Pro

Not indeed of a full topper just need coverage at the bang area, try this Human Hair add on hairpiece by Wig Pro. Add full bangs, attaches easily with three pressure-sensitive clips. Optimum Cuticle hair stays tangle-free.

Magic Top 5 Wiglet by Estetica

Magic Top 5 by Estetica designs Synthetic hair that adds volume and length to your existing hair. This hair enhancer attaches securely with your own with the attached 4 toupee clips, and blends seamlessly, a perfect solution for those with fine or thinning hair.

Toppiece 4001 Monofilament Human Hair Wiglets by Louis Ferre

Mono Top is a round shape with 4 clips around the top. Giving you that monofilament cap to change the direction of the parting and make the style took like if it was your own hair growing out of the scalp. Complete your look in style with the addition of this fun and fashionable top piece

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