6 Things You Must Know About the Best Lace Front Wigs

December 29, 2022

best lace front wigs

The best lace front wigs are individually hand-tied into a lace material at the front. They feature a natural-looking hairline that gives the illusion that the hair grows right from the scalp. 

1. Can Any Person Wear the Best Lace Front Wigs

Anyone can wear them. The only thing that matters is the type of lace front wig you’re going to use. Best Wig Outlet carries ready-to-wear wigs so there’s no need for you to trim, glue or tape them just to feel secure. Even though they are made of durable materials, proper maintenance is still important. In other words, you need to treat them gently. Don’t pull or tug when applying or removing your wig. The materials will warp when you pull them excessively. 

2. What is the Main Difference Between Lace Front and Full Lace? 

The base is the main difference between the two wigs. The lace front is attached to the front of the head along the hairline. It has sheer lace in the front that is cut off before being installed on your head. The full lace wigs, on the other hand, have a base entirely made of lace. The back portions are made from lace and not just the front. Compared to a lace front, full lace is more versatile because you can wear it in different hairstyles. 

3. How Long Do They Last? 

The lifespan depends on the hair fiber. If you choose a lace front wig made of synthetic hair fiber, then it may only last up to six months with proper upkeep. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can last for more than a year with proper styling routine and maintenance. You can extend the life of your wig by owning two wigs. In that way, you can wear them in rotation. Having different wigs will also help you have something to wear in case of personal inconvenience. 

4. Can You Shower with Your Wig on Your Head? 

It’s not a good idea. If you do, then the wig will start to warp. It will also stretch delicate materials. Instead of showering with it, make sure to wash it in the sink using lukewarm water. And opt to use only wig care products and not the regular shampoo that you use. You should adhere to proper care and cleansing instructions to ensure the longer lifespan of the wig. 

5. How Much Does It Cost? 

The price varies on the quality, hair type, and distributor. Between human hair and synthetic, the former will cost more. But it still depends on the brand of the wig. Compared to generic wigs, branded wigs are costlier. The price can range from $30 to $500. The best wigs are not the cheapest. Rather, the best depends on your preference. You should not limit yourself based on the price. 

6. Where to Buy Wigs? 

Premium quality wigs are hard to find. But if you are looking for the best lace front wigs online, make sure to visit our online shop here. 

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