What is the Better Option: Wearing Wigs or Shaving Your Head?

December 06, 2022

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To shave or wear a wig, what is the right option for alopecia sufferers? If you suffer from hair loss, you might consider shaving your head. But your friends might also recommend wearing lace wigs. Is there a right or wrong choice? 

Lace Wigs and Shaving

Most alopecia sufferers choose to shave their heads and wear wigs. But it really depends on your preference. As mentioned, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a personal decision. Some people shared their positive experiences with shaving their heads. Others, however, find it upsetting. What’s most important here is that you decide on what makes you feel comfortable. 

Should You Wear Wigs? 

Again, this is a personal decision. No one will stop you if you shave your head and wear a wig to cover it. But there are several benefits of shaving your head and wearing wigs. One is that the wig lays flatter. In other words, the wig will look more natural. You won’t have a hard time flattening the wig to prevent it from looking bulky underneath. Thus, when you choose to shave your remaining hair, you won’t face any problem with bulkiness if it’s time for you to wear a wig. It makes a wig look natural. 

Wigs Will Fit Better 

It can sometimes be a struggle to choose a wig that will fit you if you have long hair. But when you start to shave your head, most wigs will fit because your hair won’t take up space. The wig will easily fit. You can choose any size. The wig won’t feel too tight on your head. However, if it’s too loose, you can wear a cap underneath to make it tighter. 

lace wigs

Will the Wig Stay on a Bald Head? 

It is one of the fears of many people with alopecia who just shaved their hair. Fortunately, a wig will stay on a bald head through a wig grip. You just have to place it on the head and the wig won’t slip off. You may also use wig glue. However, make sure that the wig you want to use allows glue so it will properly adhere to your head.

Head Positive 

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for some people. But you can make it a positive experience. A shaved head won’t require the use of a lot of shampoos/conditioners. Thus, you can save on these products every month. You can also change your appearance by wearing different wigs. There are long hair wigs that you can wear for a formal party. Or opt for a bob cut when hanging out with your friends. A lot of options are available to you. 

How Much Should You Spend on Wigs? 

It depends on the type of wig. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. To start comparing, visit our online shop. You can also find our various lace wigs

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