Is It Necessary to Wear a Wig Cap Under Your Lace Wigs?

November 04, 2023

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A wig cap provides a protective barrier between your hair, scalp, and the wig. It is made of various materials, like soft nylon, a net stretch cap, etc. You can think of it as a face foundation but it is for the head. But do you have to wear it under lace wigs

Is It Necessary or Just an Option to Wear A Wig Cap While Wearing Lace Wigs

One common question that often arises when it comes to wearing a wig is whether or not it is necessary to wear a wig cap underneath. Listed below are the benefits of wearing a wig cap as part of your wig-wearing routine. 

Hair Protection 

This is one of the primary advantages of wearing a cap. It provides your natural hair the protection it needs. The cap acts as a barrier between your hair and the wig. It prevents friction and potential damage that can occur when the wig rubs directly against your hair. This is especially important for individuals with fragile or fine hair. 

Secure Fit

A cap can help keep your wig in place. It provides a snug base for the wig to grip onto. It reduces the likelihood of it slipping or shifting throughout the day. This added security can be especially beneficial in windy or active situations. 

lace wigs


You may find that wearing it underneath your wig enhances comfort. It can create a smoother surface on which the wig rests. It reduces irritation and itching that can occur when your wig’s lace directly contacts the scalp. 

Improved Wig Lifespan

By wearing it, you can also extend the lifespan of your wig. The cap helps absorb sweat and natural oils from your scalp. Thus, it prevents them from accumulating on the wig’s lace and causing damage over time. 

Wig Breathability

Some caps are designed with breathable materials that allow air ventilation. It keeps your scalp cool and comfortable. This is especially beneficial in hot weather. 

Are There Drawbacks of Wearing a Wig Cap? 

Unfortunately, a wig cap is not the ultimate solution. Here are some cons of wearing it. 

  • Added bulk: Depending on the type of wig cap you choose, wearing it can add some bulk under your wig. It may be uncomfortable for you or it may affect the fit of the wig. 
  • Potential visibility: The wig cap may be visible through the lace if it does not match your skin tone or if the lace is particularly fine. This can create an unnatural look. 
  • Personal Preference: Whether to wear a wig cap or not is a matter of personal preference. You may find that you can achieve a secure and comfortable fit without it. You may also prefer the added protection and breathability it offers. 

Individual Needs and Preferences 

Wearing a wig cap is a matter of choice. It depends on your needs and preferences. While wig caps offer several advantages, they are not mandatory for everyone. Consider factors like hair protection, comfort, and the fit of your wig when you make your decision. Experiment with or without a wig cap to know whether or not it works best for you. The choice should be based on your comfort and the look that you want to achieve. 

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