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Step 1:
Starting about 2 inches back from your own hairline that frames your face, comb the front of your hair forward.
Step 2:
Pull back the rest of your hair into a small ponytail or use bobby pins to keep in place. For longer hair, secure with 2-3 flat pin curls.
Step 3:
Remove hairnet. Hold your hairpiece at the front and gently shake to separate the fibers.
Step 4:
Secure the front comb on the crown of your head at the point where you separated your hair. Stretch the bottom comb down and anchor it at the nape of your neck.
Step 5:
Blend your own hair with the hairpiece by brushing or teasing your own hair over the hairpiece. Use a wide-tooth comb for styling and Styling Spray to hold style. You now have long luxurious hair with a natural look and feel.

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