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Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in Hair Extensions are the popular method for adding length, volume and color to your own hair. This application is easy to apply and takes almost no time to change hairstyle. Clip in Hair Extensions come in many different sizes so they can be placed all around the head. Clip in Hair Extensions can be used to create a new style by adding length and volume, or add highlights by choosing a lighter color, or add bangs without changing or cut your own hair.

A quality set of Clip in Hair Extensions costs less than expensive and time-consuming trips to the salon. They can last substantially longer and require less maintenance than more permanent methods. Compared to permanent methods like weaving or fusion, Clip in Hair Extensions, which attache using pressure sensitive clips, cause less damage to your own hair. Best of all, you can take them in and out whenever you want to change your look instantly.

They do offer synthetic hair, but real hair is much easier to style when using heat. Human Hair Clip in Extensions look and feel the most natural, last the longest and provide the most styling options. The highest grade human hair Clip in Hair Extensions is Remy human hair. Remy human hair is healthier and tangles less.

Hair Weave

Hair Weave method can be worn for 3-4 months, and doesn't cost as much as fusion hair extensions. This method gained popularity when women wanted hair they could have installed all the time without clipping hair in and out every day. This method is cost-effective, easy maintenance, and fairly easy to remove.

This technique is not for every client; not all hair types can handle the stress from the braiding and weight of the extensions. If you have a sensitive scalp, this method isn't for you. They place a braid or two at the back of your head to "Sew-In" the hair weft. That then stays in for months at a time. There are many different textures, colors and types of hair for clients to pick from and there are many different price points, based on quality and length.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion refers to a bonding technique used with individual strand Fusion Hair Extensions. Fusion Hair Extensions are considered permanent because of the long lasting result. Fusion Hair Extensions are generally removed and reinstalled every 2-3 months.

To add Fusion Hair Extensions, first, take a small section of hair that is equal to the pre-tipped hair extension strand. Then using Fusion Hair Extensions tool, attach the extension hair to the root of your hair to create a sealed and durable bond.
Once finished, the bonds lie completely flat against the head and are covered by the upper layers of your hair.

Fusion Hair Extensions are great for having length and volume and want little maintenance while the extensions are in. The extensions can be treated as if they were their own hair. It can take about two to three hours to have a full head of extensions put in and last about four months. This is one of the more costly extensions.


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