Hair Loss and Wigs for Children

When one thinks of a wig, you may think of older generations. Wigs are very common for women and men, and the reality is that both men and women experience thinning hair or hair loss. Do you know who else experiences hair loss? Children.

With more knowledge about child’s hair loss, there are now many great wigs for kids.  It may come as a surprise that hair loss or hair thinning is not unusual or uncommon among children. While thinning hair and hair loss among adults are often caused by illness or age, the most common causes of hair loss among children are forms of scalp disorders or infections where the scalp makes it difficult for hair to be supported and held in place.

There are many causes of thinning hair and hair loss among children, including:

  • Fungal bacterial infection of the scalp, tinea capitis
  • An autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata
  • Excessive hair pulling, called Trichotillomania
  • A condition called Telogen Effluvium
  • Nutritional deficiencies of amino acids, biotin, iron, niacin, protein, and zinc. Excessive vitamin A can also cause hair loss
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Chemotherapy
  • Excessive heat from constant blow drying
  • Tight ponytails, braids or buns

There are some causes of hair loss in young children that are natural and are nothing to worry about as they are temporary and the hair should grow back. These hair loss conditions include infant hair loss and regrowth and excessively rubbing a part of the head against objects.

The Effects of Hair Loss on Children

Children who experience thinning hair or lost hair can be subject to potentially severe psychological trauma. Because of the absence of hair, they look or feel different from other kids. They can feel self-conscious, have low self-esteem and self-confidence. They may even be picked on or made fun of by their peers. For some kids, having no or little hair makes them sad, angry and depressed.

Children who experience hair loss or thinning hair because of a medical condition can be constantly reminded of their condition and the hardship they’ve had to endure during treatment.

Treatments for Children’s Hair Loss

With improved hair alternative technology and knowledge, there are more and more hair substitutes and hair regeneration products available specifically for children.

The proper course of treatment depends on the cause of the child’s hair loss. Below are some of the common children’s hair loss treatment:

Topical and pill-form medications. If hypothyroidism or chemotherapy is the cause of a child’s hair loss, medication will be prescribed to help encourage hair growth.

Counseling. Children who experience hair loss due to a behavior such as hair pulling, counseling may be necessary to stop the behavior.

Wigs and head coverings.

Sometimes, a child has a condition whereby hair may not grow back or grow at all in the first place. Perhaps it will, but the child wants their hair to be full like their friends and family. It’s always a great option to cover or disguise the hair loss with a head covering or wig. There are high-quality wigs available now designed for children. They feature smaller cap sizes to fit the smaller heads of children, are in colors and styles appropriate for children and have advanced features that make them comfortable and secure.

At Best Wig Outlet, we understand that for a child, hair loss can be a traumatic experience. We have wigs for kids that can be worn by both boys and girls up through teens that are comfortable, stay in place for even the most active children, and most importantly have a modern, kid-appropriate style. If your child has irreversible hair loss, contact us today to learn more about our wigs for children and how we can give your child the gift of a great look they will be proud of.