Envy Wigs, Your Summer Hair Style will shine the Brightest!

Envy Wigs Your Summer style will shine the brightest

Envy Wigs Summer Hair Styles!

Perfect Summer Hair Style wigs are available that will shine you the brightest by Envy! Always step out in complete confidence! Are you ready to grab some shades and soak up the brilliant summer sun shine? After these long months of grey chilliness. We all need a dose of happiness and here are several styles that will bring a smile to your face. No doubt about it!

Open Top Collection

Bianca wig in Sparkling Champagne by Envy
Bianca in Sparkling Champagne
Kelsey wig in Ginger Cream by Envy
Kelsey in Ginger Cream

ENVY Open Collection for the summer!

An air of confidence, the warmer weather is blowing in! Get a cooler wig that will let air circulate freely and keep you cool. These collections are constructed from a delicate thin layer of gossamer. It lies gently against the scalp allowing air to circulate freely. The petal patterned netting adds stretch support and dyed in complimentary shade to the fibers. You won’t have to worry about your getting sweaty through these caps you’ll have full ventilation. You can style left and right, keep it sophisticated summer hair styles during the days and step up the volume at night.

Mono top styles

JoAnne in Sparkling Champagne by Envy
JoAnne in Sparkling Champagne
Haley in Cinnamon Raisin by Envy
Haley in Cinnamon Raisin

ENVY Mono Top Summer Styles

If you’re looking for something more flexible our mono wigs might be perfect for your Summer Hair Styles. These wigs can be parted on the left and right or down in the middle due to the wigs high quality construction and reveal nothing but a great style. The secret is the quality of the construction, each strand of fiber hand tied to stimulate natural hair growth. This gives the scalp a more natural appearance.

Envy hair collection

Chelsea in Medium Blonde by Envy
Chelsea in Medium Blonde
Veronica in Medium Brown by Envy
Veronica in Medium Brown

Envy Hair Collection

Curl, straighten, brush, and comb just like you would to 100% human hair. Envy wigs have a unique blend of 70% heat friendly and 30% human hair, with built in moisture control properties that can withstand Heat Tools. Every strand of hair is hand-tied into the softest head hugging cap material so that our customers can look and feel beautiful.