Four stages of the hair growth cycle

Hair loss. It’s a very hairy situation.

Hair is a critical component of personality, identity, and style—especially for women. Therefore, hair loss can have a great impact on daily life and overall self-confidence. We’re here to educate you, offer a beauty solution that will exceed your expectations, and help you maintain your self-confidence!

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Known as the “growth” phase; can last 2-6 years, depending on genetics. Each hair is attached by its “bulb” or root to the blood supply in the follicle and continues to grow. About 85% of the hair on your head is in this phase at one time.

The transitional stage the hair detaches itself from its blood supply and starts to shrink and the hair completely stops growing. This stage lasts about 2 weeks. Hair is pushed up to the epidermis (top layer of skin).

The resting stage. The hair and follicle remain dormant anywhere from1-4 months. The new hair that is forming underneath the previous hair starts to grow and push the hair out of the skin completely.

The hair follicle starts to form a new hair as the old hair expelled from the skin. The phase continues and the cycle will start again.