Wigs with Rooted Colorations by Henry Margu Premium Hair Collection 2016


Henry Margu’s rooted colorations use unique coloring methods to give a realistic appearance without people noticing it!! “R” rooted colors are a Henry Margu staple enhancing many wigs with this realistic coloring method. As the name states, these beautiful colorations achieve a rooted effect of having a darker root color with lighter tips making you look natural and beautiful. “GR” colors are naturally rooted colors. These exciting new colorations are created with a special process allowing each individual strand at fiber to be dyed with a darker root color at the base. The finished result is a natural looking highlighted color with darker roots that appears to be growing directly out of the scalp.



Farrah is a NEW hair collection is a New Hair Collection from Henry Margu. This beautiful short straight bob cut featuring a full Lace Front and Monofilament top, which offers greater comfort, styling versatility and more natural appearance. The Lace Front gives you a more natural looking starting from the hairline. Color 26GR- described as a Gold Blonde with Light Blonde Highlights and Brown roots.



Emma is a very lightweight wig featuring a Monofilament top, which offers greater comfort and a more natural appearance. Additionally, Emma wig offers medical application on front of the hairline to comfortably secure the wig without tape. Color 8/26R- described as a Light Gold Blonde with Medium Brown roots.



Faith is a beautiful lightweight short bob cut with a Monofilament crown which gives you a more natural appearance. This particular style features soft layers that can be worn full of volume or smooth and straight styling; long layers around the neck and a short wispy bang. Color 614GR-described as a Wheat Blonde with Light Gold Blonde Highlights and brown roots.



Bianca short wavy cut, with 100% capless construction, and ultra- thin wefting. Dynamic styling, natural colorations and incomparable quality creating the ultimate in hair fashions. Bianca has longer, soft curls, on the top and sides mixed with shorter curls for added volume and a long tapered neckline making it a one of a kind style. Color 88R– described as a Light Wheat Blonde and Dark Strawberry Blonde roots.



Marcia a short pixie style with curved texture. The feather light 100% capless construction has ultra-thin wefts, featuring dynamic styling; natural colorations and incomparable quality create the ultimate in hair fashions. Making a simply and short style for a ready to wear wig and take off! Color 8/14R– described as a Dark Blonde with Medium Brown Roots.