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Wigs' History

What is a wig?

A wig is an alternative hair system made from real human hair or artificial synthetic fiber hair that is worn for covering excessive hair loss due to a certain medical reason like medications or an underlying medical condition, or a gradual progress of baldness, or fashion / cosmetic / convenience reasons(Fashion Wigs at BestWigOutlet.com), including cultural tradition and religious observance(Costume Wigs at BestWigOutlet.com).

People who have lost all or part of their own hair due to illness or natural baldness wear wigs to disguise baldness(Medical Wigs at BestWigOutlet.com); a wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to medical therapies for restoring hair. Those who have receding hair lines, especially of an older age, are not comfortable exposing to the public. The wig achieves the desired effect allowing a person to cover the hair loss, while maintaining the attractive appearance. The person can be proud of the looks without compromising the privacy. And even if wig looks so real as to be mistaken for natural hair, no one would be looking at the real appearance.

For strictly cosmetic reasons(or perhaps to alter their appearance), people might wear a wig to achieve a longer or fuller hairstyle or a different color more conveniently. 1) Wearing a wig can save a lot of time and make people look good without having to do much for daily use with busy lives and schedules, or for business meetings while doing a lot of traveling. 2) It is easy to try different hairstyles by wearing wigs.  You can change your hair color at will, you can wear your hair short, you can wear your hair long, you can try different textures, and so much more.   You’re never stuck with a certain hairstyle if you ever feel bored with a look. 3) Wigs are great for protecting your natural hair. Your natural hair will be damaged by manipulating with heat, coloring bleaching, or just too much stress in general. By wearing wigs, the damages will be avoided. 4) Wearing wigs regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Instead of having to visit the salon multiple times a month to style your hair, you can substitute that with a wig that is already the style you want. The key is to take good care of the wig so that it lasts a very long time.

Wigs may also be used as an article of apparel, or to fulfill a religious obligation. Actors often wear costume wigs in order to portray characters(Costume Wigs at BestWigOutlet.com). A costume wig is an integral part of the look for any actor, or just someone going to a Halloween party. Wigs can go a long way towards changing a person’s appearance and helping him or her get into character. Synthetic wigs are going to be the least expensive to purchase. However, they are more durable than natural wigs and easier to care for, but they should not be exposed to high temperatures.