Say Goodbye to dirty and frizzy hair!



Specifically designed for use with synthetic wigs, and Human Hair Systems! We offer Jon Renau’s wig shampoo and conditioners, as well as a wig styling spray that helps to hold your wig’s style in place. All of our shampoos, conditioners, and sprays protect against heavy build up on your wig’s delicate strands. Our combs and brushes are made specifically for wigs and will protect against pulling strands out of your wig as well.  You can check more details on the combs and brushes under accessories at

Synthetic wigs are made to mimic the look and feel of real human hair. Just like real human hair, they can become dirty and dull over time without proper care. A well cared for wig can be worn for many years. Give an old synthetic wig an instant makeover with some light cleaning and an updated style. Try our hair care items today- we promise you won’t be disappointed!

01_JRASTMThis Argan Mist is specially made for Human Hair. Argan Smooth Treatment is instantly absorbed into your hair it produces a shine, strengthens and conditions while reducing dying time. Comes in 2oz





MUST HAVE FOR ALL HD PRODUCTS! This HD Smooth Detangler can be applied to your hair for an everyday daily use. Experiment the enhancement and prolong the beauty for all Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions, Comes in a 2oz.



03_JRTSSGFlexible spray gel is specially designed and formulated for wigs and hairpieces! This gel spray provides a medium hold and brushes out completely, leaving no residue or build up behind. It is also really flexible and allows you to create an awesome texture looks with Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. This product is sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free. Comes in 2oz


04_JRWL1Introducing you the Wig Lustre product, safe to use for all Synthetic Wigs! It would be very important to wigs because it will keep them from becoming “fuzzy”. It makes them soft, keeps them from drying out, and restores the shine to the wig! It is recommended to spray it on at least once a week. Comes in 2oz



05_JRASLC2Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner may be only used for Human Hair Wigs! This new technology is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help strengthen dry and brittle hair while calming down dry, frizzy ends.  French Argan Oil acts as a UV protector and free radical neutralizer to keep your hair looking naturally healthy. Comes in 2oz



06_JRASLS2Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo is a daily product that it is needed for Human Hair! The purpose of this product is to keep the color safe, shinny and to leave hair with a soft feel. Argan Shampoo is gentle hydrating cleanser which is infused with French Argan Oil. It eliminates any dry to brittle feeling, Great for soft curls and thermal safe!. Comes in 2oz



07_JRTSCSWig Conditioning Spray for Synthetic Fibers and Hair Extensions keeps your style and looking fresh and new without build-up on the hair fiber.  It also prolongs the life of it as well! Specially formulated with paraben- and sulfate-free ingredients — detangles as it restores the healthy, silken shine of high quality synthetic hair. Comes in 2oz



08_JRTSWSTravel Size Wig Shampoo by Jon Renau!  All wigs get dirty and dingy over time. And it needs to be kept clean if you want them to last. This is a gentle, paraben and sulfate free formula – restores the salon body and extends the life of synthetic wigs and hair extensions. Comes in 2oz



09_RV90002Revlon Travel Kit by Revlon! If you are an active, always-on-the-go girl, youknow how important convenience and portability are when it comes to your wig.  Never have to worry about that again with a Revlon Travel Care Kit. This kit has the full functionality of the original care kit but it fits snugly into your purse or bag. No matter where you are, whether on the road or in the office, this kit gives you everything you need in convenient portable sizes. This awesome travel kit has 2 fl. oz Texturizing Wig Cleanser, 2 fl. oz Revitalizing Wig Conditioner, and 2 fl. oz Wig Styling Spray.