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Kids Wigs

Kids Wigs

When a child loses his or her hair it may be due to a traumatic or difficult medical issue. Children are vulnerable and can lose their self confidence if they look different because of hair loss or balding. Kids wigs can change the way a child feels and will boost their confidence. A well-fitting and natural-looking wig will allow your child to look and feel like they did before their hair loss.

Choosing Kids Wigs

Kids wigs can be difficult to find because they need to fit a small, child-sized head. A child cannot comfortably wear a wig that is designed for an adult. Instead, a smaller, more petite cap is necessary. Additionally, adult styles are not usually suitable for children or teens. Rather, more simple styles that are adaptable for children are appropriate.

When you choose a wig for a child it is best to try to pick the child’s typical hair color and texture. This will help your child feel more at ease with the idea of wearing a wig. The wig should fit properly on the child’s head so that it won’t slip or fall even if the child moves and plays. You don’t want the child to feel uncomfortable while wearing a wig so it should look as natural as possible.

Types of Wigs

Wigs are generally made either from human hair or manmade materials such as monofilament. Human hair wigs are usually more versatile because they can be styled just like your natural hair. You can curl them or straighten them into the style that you prefer. Monofilament wigs are easier to care for but are usually meant to be worn in one style. Human hair blend wigs are a combination of human hair and synthetic materials and can usually be styled using heat if necessary.

Monofilament wigs are lighter weight than human hair wigs and are easier to wear. They are ideal for most people because of their ease of care. The choice is up to you. The best kids wigs are those that the child likes because they need to wear them. Therefore, it can be helpful to allow the child input in the choice of wig styles. Some children may want to be able to style their own hair. This is particularly true of teens. This can be best accomplished with a wig that allows for styling.

When purchasing a wig for a child you should choose one that is considered petite. Measure the circumference of the child’s head. The cap size for a petite wig is generally about 20 inches. This means that it has been designed for a smaller sized head. The cap should fit comfortably without slipping.  Those with a double layer of monofilament at the crown of a long style will hold smooth against the scalp and resemble natural hair. Read the detailed description of the wig before making a purchase. You can learn more and find a complete selection of wigs online on our website at
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